4 Reasons why there may be a Bitter End To Your Relationships?

Teenagers might wonder at times that some relationships are strong and beautiful and no matter how much time passes by, there are absolutely no problems, no drifts, no ill-feelings and no boredom at all. Whereas , in certain relationships, just after few months or even few weeks it is impossible for either of the partners to carry their relationship forward. Have you ever wondered what could be the possible reasons behind the failure of that relationship. What are the common mistakes that couples do? Manipal Monk reveals a few common mistakes which are made unknowingly.

Taking your partner for granted – We start taking things for granted. This is a common inherent behavior of most human beings. We cannot take things for granted at any cost. We need to give respect and dues when it is required. We have to learn to appreciate the worth of a person.

Being too possessive – Showing care and concern for your partner is great but excessive questioning could do the harm. Being highly possessive would only highlight the fact that we do not have trust in our partner any more. Therefore, Manipal Monk advises you not to become over possessive which could result in the break-up. Give your partner the time and space he/she needs.

Not having time for each other – This could prove to be very damaging for your relationship. Our advice would be to take out some time for each other, get back the fun in your life. Plan out few dates together and get back the spark.

Making a big issue out of little – little things. If you start arguing about anything and everything your relationship will never survive. Be patient and learn to avoid quarrels when possible.

Treat each other with respect and love. If you lose respect for your partner, your relationship is doomed for life.

Whenever there is a drift between the two of you try to recall all the good time that the two of you have had in the past and learn to forgive.

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