3 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Artificial Plants

Do you love your indoor space looking green, but don’t like getting your hands dirty? Artificial plants can make your life easier and your home stylish, as it improves your interior décor. You might have walked into a store and was tempted to purchase artificial plants, but wasn’t sure if that would be a good move.

Or, you’ve always wanted to decorate your home with artificial plants, but feared your guests could find that they look fake? Don’t worry because you can still buy artificial plants online and use them for an attractive and natural touch indoors. Green plants are useful in decorating homes and when used well, they add a taste to your décor.

Here are 3 ways to decorating your home with artificial plants:indoor plants

Top 3 Ways to Using Artificial Plants for Home Decor

  1. Candles and Boxwood

Boxwood is a shrub used in gardens and for holiday wreaths. It is, however, also a resilient and subtle plant you can use in your home. Boxwood pillar candle brings a calming and cozy feel to your home. All you need for this are a few sprigs of boxwood and a candle holder pillar. Opt for premium quality types for prolonged use.

  1. Decorate Your Mantel for a Festive Basket Look

You can start using eucalyptus even if you’ve never used them before in your house. Eucalyptus has clean and distinct fragrance. Scattering branches of eucalyptus across the mantle is way of adding beautiful bursts of green plants to your room. You could keep the rest of the look as neutral as possible to allow the plant to stand out.

Consider using fall pumpkins for a new twist of ideas. Using the basket and plants is a beautiful way of celebrating festivities without spending a lot of money. They add a touch of light indoors. Fill or sprinkle your basket with plants and white pumpkin throughout the house.

  1. Set Up a Palm Place and Dress the Frame of Your Bed

An innovative and stylish way of setting up your home is using trendy plants such as banana leaves and elephant ear plants. Any palm leaf will do for your home’s décor or dinner party. You can also use artificial plants such as simple fern. They are usually available at craft shops.

Use different types of plants for a realistic look. Alternatively, setup the leaves as either as a table runner or on a bed frame for a beautiful, modern look.


Artificial plants are used to add texture and color indoors without the nuisance of keeping real plants. However, there’s a con to using artificial plants, especially if they’re of low quality because they normally don’t look real in the first place. But, don’t be discouraged from using the plants to decorate your home.

After all, they don’t require the kind of care real plants demand. However, they can fade with time, especially if they get wet. Dusting the plants keep them looking clean and attractive. Alternatively, toss them in a bag with salt and shake it. The salt acts as an abrasive agent, gently cleaning the plants without causing damage.

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