3 Beauty Myths Busted

Myth #1

Remember when you weren’t supposed to wash your hair too often, after you got it colored because the color would fade?

Well now it isn’t true anymore. In the old days the color used had a lot of ammonia and the older shampoos reacted to the ammonia causing the fade in color.

The color used by stylists today doesn’t usually have ammonia and is actually designed to hold the color in better.

Myth #2

Pregnant women have been told for years not to get their hair colored. I always assumed that it was because it would hurt the mother and baby. This isn’t true.

Apparently the real reason you shouldn’t get your hair colored is because your hormones are so out of whack at that time that they can affect the way the color comes out. So instead of wasting money on a color that you never actually wanted, save up and treat yourself after your baby is born.

Myth #3 Stylists hate it when you bring a picture in of the style you want.

This is absolutely untrue. Most stylists appreciate it when a client comes in and shows him a color or style they want. What might be short to a client and what he pictures as short, may be too different things. The same holds true for color. He loves being able to look at a style or color and know exactly what his clients want. It also helps so that he can tell them when the style is better suited for the model’s face shape and skin tone than the client. Most stylists really want you to look good and feel good when you walk out the door. Bringing your pictures in helps them to accomplish this.

Well those are all the pearls of wisdom, I received today.

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