25 Years of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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So, exactly 25 years back, Rachel ran out of her wedding and bumped into central perk searching for Monica… and that changed all their lives, and along with-it millions of others!

 People throw all kind of comments like “Friends is overrated”, “It’s not even that funny”, “I don’t get the concept of that” etc etc. but only a true fan will understand that the characters and the show WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU whenever you need them.

  From joey’s pick-up lines and the love for food, to chandler’S sarcasm and awkwardness. From Ross’ squeakiness to Monica’s OCD. From Rachel’s fashion sense to phoebe’s weirdness, there’s something about this show which makes me smile each and every time time I watch it.

To be honest, I feel so content because this show makes me feel like I’m friends with these 6 people and I grew up my high school years (and even now) with them.

 To begin with, first, the show actually shows us about how difficult it is to manage work and get a job in the first place in big cities like New York. We see Rachel working as a waitress, Joey doing very small ads, phoebe as a masseuse, and Monica though she is so passionate about cooking, is not able to find any proper job. And ends up working in small posts under Chef’s.

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Second, the show also talks about how it is totally Okay to TAKE A BREAK when you need it. It may be from a relationship, from work, from friends, literally anything. You want a break, take a break and don’t fear anyone.

 Third, the show talks about how “If things are meant to be, it’s gonna happen” . Ross and Rachel are the biggest example of this where Ross never gives up on his true love and Though they went to so much ups and downs till the end, they still ended up together.

Also, how Rachel later works at Ralph Lauren & Bloomingdales, Monica from being unemployed most of the time to being the head chef at Alessandro’s and Javu shows us that everything will eventually fall in place if you are passionate enough.

 The show also shows about how any type of childbirth is okay! As we can see all the 3 female characters have babies in an unusual way. Phoebe is a surrogate for the triplets, Rachel has Emma with initially not being sure about it, and Monica adopting the twins, and carol and Susan pointing the fact that having a baby as parents and with Ross as the father is totally okay and how the sensitivity of the issues is put up in such a nice way it melts everybody’s heart.

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Also, in S01E24 (The one Where Rachel finds out), the scene where Joey comforts an unknown single mother in the hospital is still one my most favourite scenes.  

 And the friendship of Chandler and Joey and also the underrated friendship of Monica and Rachel! I don’t even have to talk about it. It literally shows how is it like to have a best friend who stays with you through all your ups and downs, no matter how many times you mess up and always your partner in crime! And also, how everybody has a lobster!

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 Even today I can’t believe that it’s been 25 years and how generations after generations and still people are watching and are being able to relate to a show which was made in 90’s so much!

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With all this, this show is definitely one of the best sit-coms ever. And these are my friends who I can show up to anytime and they will always be there for me even when the rain starts to pour! They never fail to make me smile even when it hasn’t been my day, or week, or or even my month!


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