Sleeping – 10 Tips to Energize your Mornings!

sleeping woman sleep
Sleeping on the sides can be stressful for the body.

Sleeping habits can influence much of your everyday life. Good sleeping habits can start you on a refreshing and energetic day!

1. Don’t curl up while sleeping:

Sleeping all curled up can affect your back which may lead to unexpected back pain. Relaxed foetal position is a good option if you like to lie on your side. Check your mattress and pillow for best spinal support.

2. Don’t let pets sleep in your bed:

Asthma and other allergic responses can be triggered by animal hair. Stuffed toys that can carry dust mites and should be kept out of your bed or washed regularly.

sleeping woman
Sleeping on the sides can be stressful for the body.

3. Don’t sleep face down:

Sleeping face down will disrupt nocturnal breathing and puts excessive strain on your neck causing you to wake up more often.

4. Don’t sleep with your eye makeup on:

Sleeping without removing your eye makeup can irritate delicate skin around eyes mucous membranes and tear ducts and can cause or aggravate dark circles around the eyes. So even if you are completely exhausted, spare a few minutes to remove all makeup traces using this product from your eyes, face and neck.

5. Don’t sleep in a very cold room:

Sleeping in a very cold air-conditioned room might cause you to curl up in an unhealthy posture while sleeping which is bad for your spine. A warmer room is recommended to induce relaxation and sleep.

6. Don’t keep flowers in your bedroom while sleeping:

Sweet scents of fresh flowers are not good while you are sleeping, pollen of flowers can trigger an allergy attack.

7. Don’t keep the bedside lamp on while sleeping:

Darkness is essential for a deep sleep and a bedside lamp can interrupt your sleep and prevent deep sleep due to stimulation. If you are used to keeping lights on when sleeping, try to dim them gradually until your room is dark.

8. Don’t clean your bedroom before sleeping:

Always avoid cleaning your bedroom in the evening as it takes time for dust to settle and at all times avoid chemical cleaners rather go for environmentally friendly products that do not leave toxic residues that can irritate your nose, throat, skin and chest. Consider these household cleaners if you are interested in purchasing environmentally friendly products. Early morning is the best time to clean your bedroom.

9. Don’t sleep in a newly painted room:

Varnishes and paints have chemicals that can negatively affect your respiratory system. So, if you have painted your bedroom lately, it is advisable to sleep in a different room for a few nights to allow dust and chemical fumes to evaporate and dissipate.

10. Determine your individual sleeping needs:

The correct time frame for sleep needs to be maintained to support good health between 6 – 8 hours falls within the average time needed to regenerate and rest the body and mind. Try to have a set routine for bedtime so that your body clock starts to wind down ensuring optimal rest.

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