10 Reasons Why men hate Valentine’s Day

Men hate Valentine‘s Day! Admittedly, no one really knows the facts about St. Valentine and how he became the (supposed) patron saint of lovers.

But how he got the title doesn’t matter because Valentine‘s Day today is all about the women getting and the men giving. So February 14 usually means a little extra where the gift buying is concerned. Even girls who you just met want stuff!

“I never thought of that before now. I’ll have to get her something,” says Ravi who has been seeing this hot young female for about a month (Sorry, I was the one to give him the wake-up call). If you’re not totally disturbed with this writing yet, then I’ll bother you even more with my much thought- out 10 reasons I HATE Valentine‘s Day.

10. It means lots of red all over the place. I hate the colour unless it’s on a football jersey.

9. If you buy her jewellery and never see her wear it, it means a waste of your money!

8. It comes too close on the heels of Christmas. After forking out thousands for those gifts, we have to find more for these gifts.

7. Women expect you to be even more creative and romantic. Aargh!

6. Guys complain about the quality of the gifts they get from their girlfriends. Stop whining fellas!

5. Love songs on the radio increase. I don’t dislike them but too much of anything isn’t good.

4. It’s for lovers and if you don’t have one, or aren’t a lover, then what’s the point?

3. There’s always some lady friend who chooses your shoulder to cry on about the fact she doesn’t have a valentine.

2. Shrieking females in the office bragging about their gifts. Ugh!

And my biggest reason for hating Valentine‘s Day;

1. Cupid. Images are everywhere with him and his bow and arrow shooting to the heart of the one(s) you desire; while wearing a loincloth! I don’t mind the dress but his shooting for me has been absolutely terrible! Not one hit in 24 plus years!

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