Wonderland – Srishti Punjani

WE LIVE IN A WONDERLAND.We modernize, we diversify, we make leaps in technology, medicine , architecture and what not! But during all this make belief of happiness, we are headed towards a blind-ended doom. A doom where the human emotion stands at the threshold of extinction.  The positivity of thought , friendship , love is masked by betrayal , treachery, conspiracy and unscrupulousness. We live in a wonderland where there is negligence to the the fellow human beings. A DIABOLIC DEMONIC DUBIOUS WONDERLAND– where NOONE CARES!




Unspoilt, unblemished, undiluted

the naive baby bird is,

plunged in deep cloud, lost in way, befuddled

her feet are caught, her wings cemented.

She stretches out for her mates, a hand, a savior

her vulnerable plumage shuddering in chill

her heart does pound a hundred times

and the electric thunder burns her wings.

Her way too lost, she stands within

within the white foam of her end

gasping for her last few breaths.

Deep, deeper, deepest

She desires to feel her mother’s hand

her buddies rubbing against her breast

she wants to see her shadow on the ground

for one last time, last time


She asks no more of this cruelly world


she huffed and she puffed

agitated her paralysed wings

till the last bout of struggle

and breathed out the last speck of “her” life


Like a blob of cotton she floated

lifelessly in the sky

burnt dark by thunder

ravaged on by vultures


Not a tear shed on her death

like many other in the crowd

she was just an unpardonable piece of meat

trivial, bargainable and cheap


A mediocre soul with “her” poisoned dreams

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  • Rohini

    Ur wonderland is real , cant b denied nor b acceptd…juz lyk da ironic truth, nyc peice f wrk:)wish u luck=)

    • Srishti Punjani

      Yes, Rohini no matter how well verse you are with the truth .. it really hurts when it happens as a personal incidence
      thanks for your wishes

  • Rohini

    Ur wonderland is cant b denied nor accepted, ironic juz lyk truth:)-Rohini

  • Rahul

    VerY tRUe.
    This is wat its happening.
    Indian pepl wid wite blooD

  • @avishek:disqus  thanks @18f80318872ac712fb24b9987374f37d:disqus so positive ….thanksss 🙂

  • Bob

    I could feel emotions flowing ……good one 🙂

  • Sreya Majumdar

    True words! But life isnt always so morbid. We need to find our rays of light ourselves.