Women killed chivalry: Manipal Monk

Is Chivalry dead?

A certain professor entered a classroom recently to see a young lady struggling with an obstinate window. As the instructor went to the rescue of the b. y. t, (beautiful young thing) he eyed the seated, reclining male members of his class who were observing the proceedings and scathingly inquired, “Is the age of chivalry dead ? “

We thought professors knew everything.

First of all we are of the opinion that the female in question, if left to her own devices, would have made out all rght. Women usually do. Besides, we think young ladies standing on chairs fighting windows look rather appealing that way. Better than we would, for instance. As for the  question, chivalry is not only dead. It’s been murdered.

Is Chivalry dead?

Who done it? The fair sex.

Women axed dear, dear old chivalry when they admitted they could do anything as well as the opposite sex. They aren’t bragging about it, they won’t even tell where they hid the body. But murder will out and one day all men will realize that woman’s best friend, chivalry, is no more.

And we loved chivalry. It made us feel so big and capable. For what we did in his name we were rewarded with kind words, smiles, and a sense of well-being in having aided helpless beauty.

So dig his grave deep, cover it tenderly— when you find the body.

Blow taps.

Blow it sad and soft and lingering.

Chivalry is dead.

Long live equality.

Pardon me, beautiful, but your slip is showing.

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