Women killed chivalry: Manipal Monk

Is Chivalry dead?

A certain professor entered a classroom recently to see a young lady struggling with an obstinate window. As the instructor went to the rescue of the b. y. t, (beautiful young thing) he eyed the seated, reclining male members of his class who were observing the proceedings and scathingly inquired, “Is the age of chivalry dead ? “

We thought professors knew everything.

First of all we are of the opinion that the female in question, if left to her own devices, would have made out all rght. Women usually do. Besides, we think young ladies standing on chairs fighting windows look rather appealing that way. Better than we would, for instance. As for the  question, chivalry is not only dead. It’s been murdered.

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Is Chivalry dead?

Who done it? The fair sex.

Women axed dear, dear old chivalry when they admitted they could do anything as well as the opposite sex. They aren’t bragging about it, they won’t even tell where they hid the body. But murder will out and one day all men will realize that woman’s best friend, chivalry, is no more.

And we loved chivalry. It made us feel so big and capable. For what we did in his name we were rewarded with kind words, smiles, and a sense of well-being in having aided helpless beauty.

So dig his grave deep, cover it tenderly— when you find the body.

Blow taps.

Blow it sad and soft and lingering.

Chivalry is dead.

Long live equality.

Pardon me, beautiful, but your slip is showing.


  1. if u’ve had personal experience and dn wrote dis article dn its atleast valid….if nt dn its jus rubbish…pls dnt write articles for da heck of it..

    •  Dear Titania

      Did you read the blog post? From the beginning? Don’t comment just for the heck of it 😀

  2. We do admire chivalry; but only when it is just that.
    No woman is helpless, she is every bit as capable of performing an activity as a man.

    If you see a shorter, unmuscled boy trying to do the same thing, wouldn’t you help?
    The same goes for a well-muscled female. She might not find the task as arduous and will be perfectly content to do it by herself.

    It is the idea that women are inferior and must thus be aided that we resent.
    Everybody likes to be helped, only if the person who wants to help them does it purely from the desire to ease the other’s burden.

    Chivalry by definition is a code of conduct associated with knights. In the medieval era, that meant helping women; as they hadn’t yet been empowered.Now, the lines have blurred and chivalry is just an attitude – one women find highly attractive.

    •  Dear Arty Kumar,

      Exactly darling,you’ve understood my thoughts correctly. Thank you for the sensible reply. Men are chivalrious by nature,give us a chance and do not demean us when we offer help and the world will be alright once again!

        • Oh! So sorry dear.

          Meant it as  “One that is greatly liked or preferred; a favorite” But then again if you find it offensive,am extremely apologetic about it! 

  3. oh really? so now women killed chivalry too? just the fact you are saying that makes you-not chivalrous and women are responsible for that too… This is such a patriarchal society….you hear stuff like women are responsible for even rapes in this country….typical Indian attitude….just blame it on a woman.

    •  Dear Rach,

      Darling, why did you bring the topic of rape into the picture here? Come on,did I mention it anywhere?

      Why i said Chivalry is dead and women killed it? Here are a few examples of how you send mixed signals to us men!

      –You tell the world you value our independence, some of you going so far
      as to scream at a guy for having the courtesy to hold a door open for you so it doesn’t smash you in the face, and yet, when you get married, you
      expect to be taken care of financially, no matter how much money you
      ourselves personally make.

      –In answer to the near domestic
      slavery of bygone eras, you have become hyper independent, with an I
      don’t need no man attitude, that has started to make your valued partners
      feel like little more than a walking sex toy.

      –You want equality, but the man has to pay for every date or he is looked down upon.

      –You want to be put on pedestals, but frown on a woman who wants to do the same for her man.

      want all your needs met, but when a man expresses a desire that is not
      feminine (because hey, they are men, not women) you scoff, demean them
      and make fun.

      The largest of all these offenses has to be that you, more often than not, place the value of a man in his wallet and not
      in his soul.

      P.S.:Rape is very very bad and it is not the fault of the women. I abhor your insinuation that I have compared the death of chivalry and the culpability of women in getting raped! Please do not take it in the wrong spirit. This column is just foodd for thought.


      • I wasn’t suggesting a comparison – It was another article that I had read about women responsible for rape that had just crossed my mind…I am really sorry if you got offended.

        Apart from the initial apology I don’t take anything back….chivalry is rare to see these days but the one or two incidences I have seen of guys offering their seats to ladies in metros,to somebody who really needs the seat- is far from being offensive.

        Its basically the mental attitude of guys who have no manners responsible for killing chivalry.

        Nowadays you don’t know if a guy is being chivalrous or its just a creepy way of him getting noticed…a guy who really wants to get noticed by a girl offers  help for things you don’t need help with….we refuse because we don’t need help and don’t want to give a wrong signal leading to believe them that we are ‘interested’ in any way but if its a genuine offer -we really appreciate it.

        I really don’t know about your personal experiences but come on….women killed chivalry….no way…

        • without going in too deep…just something that caught my eye. why would you want reserved seats for ladies in a general coach when you have a coach all to yourself? if you still travel in  general, sit when you can rather than by a poster on the wall. and why would you want to be offered a seat? girls can travel 20-30 kms each day to work; earn the same money but you cant stand in a public transport vehicle?

          of course the assumption here is the the persons being compared are healthy people of roughly the same age.

          also as a clarification, i do not mind giving my seat up to a girl, its just the expectation that i am supposed to that irks me

  4. I
    can agree with this mostly, I was raised a gentlemen and my entire
    schoolastic career I was rejected by girls. This has caused me now that
    I’m 26 to be much more reclusive and reserved when meeting new people.
    I do believe in gender equality as another comment mentioned, but it’s
    also nice to treat a girl to a dinner or a movie. But from my
    experiences girls seem to choose the guys that aren’t going to treat
    them right, or stick with guys who aren’t. Honestly it’s depressing

  5. @00fff799f4c84e7d759dff86ded90d17:disqus  appears to be a guy, and that’s precisely why he is being bashed around for having written the truth. If some sensible woman had written it, the same words would have carried more weight.

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