Will We Time Travel Soon?

Time travel, an interesting topic for scientists to research for that last few decades. It is the topic always surrounds with the question “Will It Be Possible?”. The scientists are busy in finding the answer for its possibility. So, what is this time travel and why is it so important topic for scientists?

Time travel is the journey between two points in time, either in future or past, using a hypothetical device known as Time Machine. It is same as the movement of a person or thing between two points in space. The idea of a time machine or time travel popularized by the novel “The Time Machine” by H.G Wells in 1895, and after that, the concept is widely used in many fictional stories and movies. It seems easy to do time traveling in stories and movies, but is it possible in the real world.

Traveling to future is well-understood phenomena within the framework of Einstein’s special and general relativity. It is possible to travel in the future theoretically and might be physically possible. Traveling to the past time is possible in the theory of general relativity but it is uncertain if it is physically possible. Time travel is usually connected with the theory if quantum mechanics and wormholes, also known as Einstein-Rosen bridges. Well, the story of time travelers can be easily found in many ancient myths, including the Mahabharata, depicting a story of a character traveling in between two points of time. In many science fictions, the authors showed the possibility of time travel using the time machine.

Time travel is the movement in time. So, what is time? While people were thinking that the time is constant, the world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein proved that time is relative with space and speed of the observer. The time can vary with different observers with their movement speed in space. Hence, time is considered as the fourth dimension by Einstein.

Time traveling in future is possible by just achieving the speed limit, that is the speed of light, which is easy on paper but in practice, it is not feasible with current technologies. Traveling to the past is just possible in theories of relativity but it is very difficult, almost impossible, to implement the geometries and equations of these theories in practical. So, time travel may not be possible in near future, but it might possible with far future technologies.

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