What Do Men and Women Find Desirable in a Partner?

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If you generally ask ten strangers what criteria they use when looking for a partner, no one is going to give you a definite answer, that’s for sure. But why do some traits stigmatized to be bad and unwanted, while others make people squeal from happiness?

It is believed that men and women have different approaches to dating, as well as different tastes in partners (aside from their sex, obviously.) But why do we all want universally good, loyal, and conventionally attractive dates? Whether you are looking for an American husband or a Ukrainian girl, healthy adult people prefer the same set of qualities in their partner. Here is what everyone wants.

What Do Males And Females Want In Their Partner?


Fidelity and integrity are rightfully the best traits in a partner. Both men and women would like to see a devoted companion when it comes to a long-term relationship. Loyalty often guarantees unity, so both partners can be sure they’re in for the long run.


Because the world reigns in total chaos most of the time, we all need that sense of security to know that someone awaits us at home. A stable relationship is a prerogative of two adult people who are ready to provide more than taking. When it comes to stability, it doesn’t really matter what kind of security you are ready to provide, emotional or financial. If we know a relationship is stable, getting home feels safer and more comforting. This sense never left us ever since cavemen predecessors.

Good sense of humor

Maybe some people love wet blankets, but generally speaking, we all tend to gravitate towards fellows who make our existence easier and more cheerful, not otherwise. A good sense of humor is indicative of high intellect, a healthy responsive system, and livelihood.

Goals and aspirations

Even the slightest strive to be a better person and have a hobby makes you a thousand percent more interesting and magnetic. Especially if you like things that are far from mainstream. Besides, people love to talk to fellows with a trajectory. Those who look like they know what they’re doing in life look confident, well-educated, and witty.

Love and care for the world

Being a lovely person isn’t easy because it requires constant work on yourself. But luckily, being a lovely person and loving the world are two different things.  You can love your parents, friends, pets, and still be a magnet for the opposite sex. You can donate to charity and care for the planet, and still earn a lot of “human” points.


Fakeness never really helps in close relationships, that is why people often fall for partners who wear their heart on a sleeve and other parts of clothing. Being upright and honest automatically makes you half a saint in your partner’s eyes.

Desirability, duh!

It would be a weird, but true statement that attractiveness makes you…attractive. Other than strange wording, many people have a different image in mind when they think about conventional beauty. But generally speaking, what makes a human desirable is their confidence, good hygiene, a strive for communication, and openness. There goes beauty or handsomeness. But since outer beauty is so different for everyone, it is hard to measure it by the same criteria.


Last, but definitely not least is your ability to operate your brain, coming up with funny, clever, or shocking stuff. Intelligence can be a gift or a curse, but those who use it wisely would be rewarded with thousands of friend requests, compliments, and invitations because almost everyone wants to know something different every day and learn new experiences.

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