We Live a Hectic Life

And hey. It’s been a while.

I would explain why I’ve not posted for ages, but to be honest I’m just so exhausted, I can’t even decide where to begin.

But here’s a basic overview.

Me- The not-so-talented, utter fail of a juggling act. I am BURIED under boxes.


-So basically, the reasons for this are:

1. My time-keeping skills are atrocious. REALLY. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one 😛

2. My willpower is worse that my time-keeping skills. When deciding between work and mindlessly surfing the web, you can guss what I would choose. Even though I know that doing so would result in me staying up till six in the morning, frantically trying to finish off whatever I need to for class that day.

3. My brain hates me -.-

Me: Okay that’s enough of the fun stuff, gotta get to work now.

Brain: Or we could watch a movie :D!

Me: I don’t think that’s a good-

Brain: Shut up. MOVIE! NOW!

Me: Okay, okay, okay, geez -.-


SO anyway, it’s the end of semester and I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks like this these days?

meh4Not to mention, it’s the end of semester for most of us, and there are exams coming up and LOADS to study, and other sorts of torturous end-of-sem evaluations.  Which means….


Yup. that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Time for the Sleepless Months to begin. Well, atleast sleepless nights. I know I catch up on most of my sleep in class. Of course, that ends up with me not know what the hell I’m doing there during exams, but what the hay, hey?

Isn’t college life just so FUN? -.-

So since I’ve spent most of this post whining, here’s a sketch of a random, happy, potato-head dude dressed in snazzy checks sliding down a rainbow.


Peace, I’m out.

Artist of the week: http://agent-lapin.deviantart.com/ 🙂

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And again, any suggestions for comic strip topics in the comments below will be very much appreciated 😀 !

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