Waffle Me Up – Jaafna Waffles Manipal

It was a beautiful sunday evening when we discovered a cozy little waffle place and stuffed our face with chocolate covered goodness.

Jaafna Waffles, a beautiful little cafe is located just opposite Trigger and is known for their mouth-watering milkshakes and of course, their lovely waffles. The first thing we noticed when we entered was the decor. Colourful glass bottles were hung from the ceiling with delicate fairy lights enhancing their beauty. A shallow brick wall separated the place from the road outside. The stools and the sitting booths seemed to be made out of bamboo and so did the decor on the walls and the ceiling. Some nice music played in the background.

The first thing that was served to us was a custom-made waffle. It was served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Nutella and chocolate chips. The plating was done beautifully and the sight of food instantly made my stomach rumble. The waffle had a soft crunch to it, but was soft on the inside. it was super light and went well with the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate sauce. The one thing I like about this place is that they let you customize your waffles with a variety of toppings and sauces, so you can enjoy your meal the way you like.

Next we tied the cinnamon roll and the chocolate milkshakes. The mouth-watering smell of cinnamon greeted us with an equally mouth-watering sight. The roll was covered in white chocolate and caramel sauce. The taste of cinnamon was not very pronounced in the first bite, but it gradually increased and trickled my tongue as we kept on eating. The milkshakes were thick and creamy.

But the star of the show was the ‘Milkyway’, a waffle with a soft crunch loaded with chocolate ice-cream and a plethora of sauces. I could definitely see the Nutella and white and the dark chocolate. It also had crushed oreos in it.

Despite the lovely waffles, Jaafna has a few drawbacks. This place is a little small and cannot hold large crowds. It was also really warm inside and the tables felt a bit small. It is also a little expensive.

But despite the drawbacks, this place is worth visiting. Jaafna also serves breakfast and has recently introduced several new items in the menu. The owner talked about more changes that they plan to make in the menu soon. They have a great ideology, “We need to remember what’s important in life, friends, waffles work or waffles, friends, work doesn’t matter, but work is third.”