Undying love from the Dying…

What is left to live for once there is no one left to love?

Dear sweetheart,

I can’t think of a better gift to give you on your  80th Birthday. The gift is me. Unlike the gifts I’ve given you for all your Birthdays, I can only wish that this gift can stay with you forever. But I can only wish. Look at my pictures before you came into my life. All look the same. But look at those that I clicked after your arrival. It shows how everyday was wonderful and beautiful,thrilling and enchanting. My Hobbies died because I didn’t have time for them because I had you. You are my favorite hobby and much more.

Undying love from the dying... 1
What Is Left To Live For Once There Is No One Left To Love?

Once upon a time I hated you.Now I hate myself for hating you coz I’ve lost the precious days of my life hating you. I’ll be no more the next year, but I would want my memories to stay with you. If my memories become a burden, I would pray that my memories attain mortality too. I want to give myself as a gift to you,because, I know no one can love you more than I did and do. I am afraid of leaving this world after this 85th Birthday of mine, because I don’t know,who will take care of you when I don’t exist. This letter will never reach you, as it would die along with me, because I can’t bear to see you sad even for a moment and I hate to be the reason for the loss of smile on your face. I love you!

Yours Lovingly
Your Honey

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AM both an extrovert n an introvert..its really tough to tell u wat i am coz i do not react the way i am expected to...it happens each time and everytime...GOD SAVE ME AND THOSE AROUND ME:)

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