Traditional Vs. Online Mobile Casino: Key Differences You Should Know

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Despite the preference for virtual casinos today, did you ever wonder what perks come with brick-and-mortar casinos and how they compare with today’s gambling norm?

According to research done by the UK Gambling Commission, 97% of their subjects are doing their gambling online, on their mobile phones or their computers. An increase of 3% showed after the incoming pandemic arrived in 2020, which transferred most offline gambling players to virtual betting (read more).

It doesn’t mean these traditional casinos have lost their niche, however. It has also been stated that despite the ever-increasing popularity of playing games online, there are still more than a hundred casino establishments around the UK continuing business as usual.

So which is a better choice for you as a consumer? Is it going face-to-face with players (though some casinos that haven’t closed for the duration of the pandemic might have strict implementations of social distancing), or is it playing online within the comfort of your home?

Both have their differences that might change your mind according to your given preferences. Read this comparative article if the norm is for you or continue sticking with traditional gambling.


The first thing you should look into is your desire to travel to the establishment, time, expenses, and comfort on your part. Live casinos aren’t as readily available as virtual gaming—as they are a building you should travel to and not an app you can carry around—but they offer hands-on playing and human interaction not present in virtual gaming.

You should ask yourself if this particular charm in live casinos is worth all the cons that come with it and if you’re willing to compromise. Not to mention if one isn’t available in your area, you might need to fly to one. It doubles all expenses you might think about due to the pandemic rising in cases, and it includes flight expenses, the hotel you’ll be staying in, nominal fees, etc.

In comparison, virtual gambling doesn’t need such expenses. Online casinos (take a look at casino utan svensk licens – Casino Orbit for instance) can be more cost-effective than their counterparts. They will ultimately save you from the risk of catching the virus and from putting all your money on traveling expenses. After all, virtual gambling is possible wherever you have internet access, and that includes inside your home, a public mall, a cafe, and anywhere you wish to play.

Extra Activities

There aren’t just traditional casinos found in Las Vegas, but a surplus of other activities, like shops, restaurants, strip clubs, etc. Gambling isn’t everything in Las Vegas, though it is known as the city of sin, and, naturally, its heart is gambling. It’s what makes the place unique from every other city and the reason why you’ll fly or travel to it, we reckon.

If you consider doing it virtually, you won’t have any other extra activities that come in visiting Las Vegas. You’ll just be in your home or doing your daily errands, and if that’s to your liking, then virtually gambling is for you. You should also consider if you even want to spend money on these activities and if they’re worth spending on instead of investing them in other games available online.

Bonus And Rewards

Marketing is everything these days, and this is where online gambling stands out compared to its counterpart. Rarely would find a brick-and-mortar casino or gambling den that offers bonuses and perks unless you sign up for their exorbitant VIP memberships.

In virtual gambling, everyone has the chance to get neat log-in bonuses, deposit rewards, events, etc. It is one of the consistent reasons stated in an Australian study (linked here: many offline players switch to virtual casinos. The marketing would entice them with the added opportunity to play, free spins, and extra credit, and a lot more neat gifts.

A Variety Of Games

With online gambling, you’ll most likely get thousands upon thousands of games compiled in one website of application. You can test your skills on any game your mind can comprehend, with varying rules and unique play style. From slot machines, blackjack, poker, anything that live casinos have, online ones take them and multiply them tenfold, each unique and entertaining. It’s the charm online gambling has that customers prefer a one-stop gambling place love and choose.

Compared to that, offline casinos may have many machines and games, but a large building can only house so much. Most of the time, clients who want to play a specific game unavailable to one casino would travel to another, which adds to the unnecessary expenses. Given that a chosen online casino doesn’t have a particular game you have, it’s easy to select another and log-in, which won’t even cost you anything compared to an expensive cab fare.

Minimum/Maximum Bets

For a land casino, there will always be a cap to your betting size. It can get as high as a thousand dollars if you wish, but it can’t go lower than what the casino has in its policy. The reason for this restriction is the overhead fees that live casinos have to pay. Running a real-life casino can be as expensive as any business, with maintenance for each machine, repair for broken ones (which will decrease overall daily profit if the repair isn’t speedy enough), staff salary, etc. With Virtual gambling, it’s not a possible dilemma.

Websites and apps have considerably low fees and cheaper to run. The maintenance (should it be a website) is the domain fee and other software maintenance costs lower than real-life machine maintenance. Thus, you can choose to be $1 if you prefer, or sometimes even lower. Some even offer free-play, which is ludicrous for live casinos to consider doing.


Both traditional and online casinos have their own set of benefits, but virtual casinos have a slight advantage because of quarantine and social distancing rules today. Despite that, it’s still up to you and your preference in which choice is best for you.

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