Top Beginner Video Editing Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Editing Process

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Creating videos has always been a fun and exciting task. However, video creation can also get hectic at times. You don’t want to spend days in the editing process for a single video. Marketers have to create more video content every day. They cannot afford to spend their entire time making a single video. Video creators look for hacks/tricks that can speed up the editing process. The real problem occurs when beginners try to make professional video editing turned-on iMac screen

Usually, beginners aren’t familiar with tricks/hacks to make a video quickly. Read on to know some hacks/tricks for beginners to make a professional video quickly.

Use the right tool to speed up the editing process 

You do not use a tape recorder for recording your professional video. Why use outdated things for making professional videos? Using the right tool is very important in the content creation industry. Beginners need to understand that they need a video editing tool to make things easier. Even the best video professionals need an editing tool to complete the process quickly.

With a video editor, you can create videos anywhere and anytime. A video editing tool for beginners will simplify the complex editing process. Any editing action can be taken via a simple mouse click with a video editor.

The basic mistake committed by beginners while choosing a video editing platform is not considering the UI. The main reason beginners need a video editing platform is to make videos faster. With an editing tool with a complex UI, one cannot make a video quickly. An ideal editing platform should be easy to use and consist of one-click or drag/drop functions.

As a beginner, you don’t have to worry about the costs involved in using an editing platform. Many editing platforms offer free versions so beginners can learn the basic skills quickly. Once you master the video editing skills, you can switch to a professional editing platform.

As you begin your journey into video editing and develop your skills, it’s vital to learn from the experts around you. Connecting with a professional video production company near me can provide valuable insights and mentorship that can help elevate your work to a higher level. By observing experienced professionals, you’ll gain practical knowledge without feeling pressured into using their services.

Use the Control+Drag feature 

Companies that create video editing tools even a local Seattle video production company like know that moving from one clip to another takes much time during the editing process. You need to add changes to different clips in one go. It is why video editing tools came up with the Control+Drag feature. It lets you move all the clips according to the timeline on a video editor. You just have to press the keyboard shortcut and select all the clips to be modified.

For example, suppose you have to add the same transition to all the clips within the timeline. With the Control+Drag feature, you can select all the clips and add transition effects in one go. Beginners often add the same transition effect or music to each clip individually. It makes the video editing process lengthy and mundane. Check for the Control+Drag feature before choosing a video editing tool.

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Rely on the drag-and-drop feature 

You don’t need a video editing tool that asks to upload every media file separately. Also, you don’t have to select the media elements and paste them into the media bin. To populate the media bin easily, the drag-and-drop feature is used. You can easily drag media files needed for your project and drop them in your editing timeline. Before you choose a video editing platform, look for the accessibility and the drag-and-drop feature.

Rely on dynamic trimming 

What if you find a mistake in the middle of your timeline during the editing process? There should be a way to go back and rectify the mistake without disturbing the entire video. For the same reason, video editors offer a dynamic trimming feature. You can trim any particular clip without disturbing the entire video. For example, when you edit one clip and jump onto another, dynamic trimming helps maintain the actual condition of the second clip.

Usually, T + Arrow Keys help activate the dynamic trimming feature on a video editing platform. You can jump from one frame to another while modifying them on the go. These little shortcuts and hacks can help you save time during video creation. Beginners also learn video editing skills easily when the video editing platform offers accessibility shortcuts.

Focus on creating backup

Ask any video expert, and they will tell you to follow rule 321 for making a copy of the data. Instead of a hack, the 321 rule is common sense for video creators. According to the rule, one should create three copies of the project on which they are working currently. The three copies of the current project should be kept at two different storage locations. Also, one storage location should be distant from commonly-used storage locations. By doing so, you can ensure your video project is appropriately backed up. Sudden outages can disrupt the video creation process and even result in data loss. By making ample copies, you don’t have to re-work when data loss occurs.

Learn about cut moves 

Video creators shoot the same scene from more than a single angle. By doing so, they can switch between different angles and enhance the engagement level of videos. To jump from one camera angle to another, cut moves are used during the editing process. Beginners often do not know how to use cut moves effectively. As a result, the change in camera angle isn’t swift and appears to be clashing. You need to know a little about the cut moves to avoid jarring. The transition from one camera angle to another should be smooth not to hamper the viewing experience.

Learn to re-frame the footage 

Video creators shoot with cameras with a high resolution to grab the audience’s attention. However, repositioning high-resolution footage in the video can be a headache. You need to position the video subject according to the eye-line of the viewer while re-framing the footage. While downscaling high-resolution footage, don’t move it beyond 110% for better results. You don’t want to reposition the footage entirely out of the frame. Start using a video editing tool for reframing!

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