Top 5 Things to Do For Clean Out Your Computer Day

Clean Out Your Computer Day is always celebrated on the second Monday in February. Here are the top five things you should do to make your computer faster and more efficient.

Clean Up the Computer Hard Drive.

It’s crucial to keep your computer hard drive clear of files and documents you no longer use. At a minimum, on Clean Out Your Computer Day, you should empty the recycle bin, delete junk and temporary files and get rid of obsolete and duplicate files. Run a de-fragmentation program to increase computer speed and improve efficiency.

Update All Computer Software.

From time to time, software companies issue new releases or updates to fix bugs and glitches. One of the most manageable tasks you can do on Clean Out Your Computer Day is to update all of your computer software. This will keep the computer from crashing, enhance security and help software programs to run at peak efficiency.

Organize Computer Files and Documents.

Your computer comes with a documents folder or library already installed. Clean Out Your Computer Day is a great time to organize the files and documents on your computer by placing them into appropriate folders and categories for easy access and retrieval. For example, pictures should be placed in the “My Pictures” folder and videos in “My Videos”, etc. Create and name new folders as needed to store your information.

Perform a Computer Backup.

Back up your computer on Clean Out Your Computer Day and then at least monthly regularly. Set up an automatic backup to copy computer files to a DVD, thumb drive or external hard drive.

Complete a Full Anti-Virus Scan.

Install anti-virus software and check your computer for viruses and malware by initiating and completing a full anti-virus scan on Clean Out Your Computer Day. Take the recommended steps to fix any problems, and then implement a schedule for regular checkups.

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