Top 5 Home Décor trends for 2019

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Home décor is an exciting thing, where you get to play with colours, aesthetics, and furniture of your own choice. When it comes to decorating the house, everyone has their own style. Some people like the vintage look with mahogany furniture and rustic aesthetics, while some prefer modern arts with all vibrant colours. The use of wallpapers can add to the ambiance surrounding your living space and this can be achieved by using a wallpaper steamer that works the best.

The trends of home décor change every year.

Here are the top 5 latest home design for your house.

Touch of Nature

With time, people have started admiring mother earth. Designers are incorporating this natural element in home décor to give the house an organic look. The tables made from petrified wood or home aesthetics made from things like coconut shells or jute are making their own places in houses of many. Such thoughts made of natural have a dual advantage. First, they look brilliant and give the room a very smooth appearance. Secondly, as they are made of organic things, they are either recyclable or 100% biodegradable. Adding wall hanging water features can improve the aesthetics giving a more natural vibe.

The Millennial Pink

Just like the generation of millennials have made a significant portion of house buyers in the last few years, the colour named after them is leading home décor material. This light pink with a touch of rust blends perfectly with most types of home décor styles. According to the designers, this pink has a calming effect. That why millennial pink is leading home décor market.

Bold Art

Bold is vivacity, bold is lively and bold make things appear larger than life. The vibrant coloured wallpaper in bedroom or pop stained wall, the bold art becoming favourites of many people these days. Bold art is making their ways in many houses these days due to their ‘statement-making’ capabilities. If you’re looking for bold art look no further than a large metal print which adds incredible vibrancy for a statement piece on the wall.  If you’re new to metal prints be sure to check out the detailed metal print buy guide.


Gone are those days, when people preferred to decorate their things with minimal things. Nowadays, maximalist designs are in trend, especially while renovating the kitchen. This style includes the use of aesthetic made of metals like brass, rose gold, and chrome, which give a very ethnic look to the house.

Mix and Match

There was an era where people preferred matching furniture to their houses. However, time has definitely changed. The latest home designs take advantage of a wide range of options of furniture available in the market. Dark-colored sofa, matched with decent glowing aesthetics, when such combination is placed in a living room, it becomes livelier than it already is.

These were top five home décor styles that are loved by many designers as well as homeowners across the globe. After reading this, many of you must be wondering about the cost of all this beautiful home décor. Indeed they are a little expensive, but that does not mean you cannot afford them!

There is a fantastic option of home loans, which will enable you to design house as you want it. All those latest home design ideas can come true with an appropriate home loan. It is not like you to get a home loan if you buy a new house. There are several types of home loans, which helps you decorate your house.

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