Tikku Chatri – Part 2

Quintessential Manipal - The Umbrellas tell the story of the Monsoons at Manipal! Colorful and Ubiquitous

The Story so Far – Tikku Chattri The Umbrella Story part 1

When we reached our destination the boxes were unloaded and we were put down. I looked at the board above which read ‘Manipal Stores’. Soon we were put up in hangers outside the store for display. I saw Pappu Chatri was not hung far away from me.

“Pappu” I called out. He looked at me and smiled.

“Hey Tikku “he replied.

I was happy to make a friend in this new place. Pappu and I got along very well. I learned from him that we are in the college campus of MIT and soon we will be in hand of one of the students around. Everyday a lot of chatris were sold and I wondered when will it be my turn.

Finally the shopkeeper walked towards me, unhooked me and handed me over to a guy. As he held me and walked away he joined a group.

“Nice chatri Nishant” one of the group members uttered. This was the first time I was being complimented and someone who just held me took away the credit.

I learned in the next few hours that Nishant was a first year student and was a talkative guy. Though the words coming out of his mouth did not make sense often, people around him seemed to like him. I felt lucky I was not put to use immediately as it was not raining that moment. He took me to his hostel room and I rested for a night.

The next day I woke up realizing Nishant is swinging me around in his hands. We reached food court and he dropped me in the chatri shelf at the entrance. I realized there were lot of chatris around in the shelf. Then I was the most beautiful sight of my life. A cute red chatri was lying in the corner of the shelf. She was definitely prettiest chatri I had seen.

Before this day, I never believed in love at first sight.

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