This Christmas Stay Healthy Stay Alert

Christmas is right around the comer,   and as such many I have flocked to the stores and the various towns to  either begin, or continue their  annual shopping frenzy! It is  time to get that special someone the perfect gift, it is , time to clean and redecorate our homes! In all of this consumer chaos, we must be ever alert to the various things that can impact upon our health. This week, we give you some tips on shopping to your heart’s content while remaining healthy.

First tip, is an oldie but a goodie, keep yourself hydrated! Yes, you may be telling yourself that you are only going into a store to pick up one item, but let’s be honest, you may find yourself unable to find that particular item, and thus the adventure begins, and before you know it, you have been in town for over an hour or more! Be sure to keep your water bottle handy, and sip from it throughout the day!

Make sure you start the day with a proper, filling breakfast! The last thing you need  is to be in a store, crowded over with other human beings, each haggling for their preferred item, then being in a line, followed by the brutal beating of the suns rays, coupled with the weight of your purchases …  all on an empty stomach. So eat up, to keep your energy, strength and stamina at the right levels! Snack throughout the day on fruits, and healthy products, and be sure to eat a fitting lunch.


Sanitizers are your best friend this shopping season. and you must remember to use them as regularly as possible. While shopping, it is very possible to come into contact with many germs and bacteria, that may make you ill. That is where the sanitizers come in! We may not be able to see the germs, as we pick up and replace items that others have done the same to, but when we come into contact with so many people and shopping items, it is important to sanitize and wash your hands with soap, especially before you place these hands to your mouth, face or touch anyone else. Sounds extreme? Maybe, but better safe than sorry!

Be alert this holiday season, not everyone is on the streets, looking to simply shop and have fun! lf you have a debit card, be sure to use it, or save looking into your purse, until you are at the cashiers. Be careful, where you open your purse, or bag, and be doubly sure to stay in lighted areas. No shortcuts through dark alleys!

Walk with your bag close to you with the zipper safely facing you, and be sure to not have the bag, facing the street, rather, have it tucked under your arm, facing the wall, so that it is difficult to snatch it.

Be alert this Holiday Season, and remember to stay healthy and safe . While many forget that since this is one of the busiest times of the year, this is also the most dangerous, we must stay alert! So do not drink alcohol in excess, and if you are a minor, none at all. We must continue to stay on the healthy track, and keep our bodies in tip-top shape, while avoiding the wrong elements.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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