The Wire

After I had my mind boggled and scattered this way and that by Breaking Bad’s fifth “mid-season finale”, I found myself in search for another “dark” series to pursue. Finding Game of Thrones too mainstream for the time being, I asked around and unearthed HBO’s Cop-Drama Series “The Wire”. Set in the iron cold streets of Baltimore, this series depicts the hardships cops face, what with their hands being cuffed to their desks by the law and protocol.

It beings with Jimmy McNulty in court, seeing (practically) first hand a witness being scared off into changing her testimony, resulting in the release of the defendant D’Angelo Barksdale (Dee for short). This comes to the notice of the presiding judge, who takes this to be a personal insult to the Judiciary System and has a small task force made to combat these recent developments. We soon find out that Dee is relative to one Avon Barksdale, a drug lord who sets up camp in the “Towers”- a group of shady buildings in the Westside of Baltimore. McNulty and his team soon find out that they’re well out of their depth, as Avon is far from the average street druggie. He has no record, no recent priors and hasn’t been seen or heard of for the past few years. They can’t even find a decent picture of his! The team finds itself coming up against hurdles this way and that but they’ve gotta hurry, because the bodies seem to be piling up… and quick!!

A fast paced drama series that will keep you itching to know what the next episode is all about. A definite hands up for me!

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  1. The
    wire’ is pretty good but intense. i feel for the irish cop. But even
    though GOT was a little dismal this time, no other show is as engaging.
    In the absence of ‘Dexter’.

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