mystery man seen at MIT Manipal Girls Hostel

I have always preferred to stay away from planchets and Ouija board sessions. I avoid the forum meetings when any related experiment or session is planned. It’s not that I do not believe in it. In fact I have seen quite a few examples that point towards success of the whole thing, but the main problem is that the results are not predictable and I do not want to open a door that I do not know how to close. Secondly one does not know what lurks behind the fence, hoping to enter our world using one pretext or the other.

One such session was arranged in 13th block sometime last year. I am not sure exactly how it is conducted but the spirit is summoned to possess the medium somewhat like what they show in typical horror movies. While the sceptics believe that the moving pieces are all psychological but sometimes you believe what you see. A few questions are asked to the medium and then the spirit is eventually asked to leave.

About 4 to 5 girls conducted one such session. The procedure requires the ghost to be sent back. However, these people didn’t. Next night they had a knock on the door, when they opened, shockingly, no one was there. Initially discarded as coincidence. This went on for a week. All mayhem struck and the girls were left wondering what to do. Finally, they decided to approach their block warden. The warden after much persuasion decided to sleep with them that night.

The atmosphere was tense. There was something eerie. The clock finally stuck 2. A gentle sound of a knock comes. As the warden hastily opens the door, she could see the shadows of a person with an unfamiliar face. Much to her amazement the shadow disappeared within a second.

The news of this episode spread in the whole block. Everyone became completely numb, carrying a frightened expression similar to a cat being chased by a crow. The warden complained to Kulwant Singh and a guard was told to keep a watch the next night. Again the knock came according to the girls. However guard was totally clueless and later said that she didn’t see anyone.

Kulwant Sir then asks the warden to put Swastik on the door. The next day the girls were relieved as no knock was observed but just as they were about to go to bed, a knock came on the window- they lived on 3rd floor. The matter by now had become pensive. Solving this mystery was no child’s play.

Vacation of those rooms was the last straw left. And that’s exactly what happened.

Till date people refuse to acknowledge this incident. Well as they say-“some things are better left unsaid “

 *None of these facts are confirmed by the faculty. The story is a very much a believed one, similar to the 1st block basement tale.