The top 3 pieces of equipment a beginner DJ needs

DJing is an admirable career. Not only does it come with fame, but it also comes with good financial returns. However, becoming a DJ, like every other career, is not an easy feat. It takes hundreds of hours of practice to become a professional DJ. Luckily, the internet has made things easier for aspiring DJs. All one needs is the right equipment, a few good quality online tutorials, and you are good to go. But, equipment should be the top priority. That’s because if you get it wrong with the equipment, everything else will be an uphill task.  To help you on your journey to becoming a professional DJ, here are the top 3 pieces of equipment a beginner DJ needs.

1.    DJ Mixers
Every DJ needs to be good with mixers.  While most mixers are complex and are designed for professional DJs, there are some that are very friendly to beginners. A DJ who is just starting out should aim to own a beginner friendly DJ mixer until they get used to the controls and mixing tracks. Think of it as a starting point before moving on to more complex mixers, as one gains experience in the field. Beginner DJ mixers are relatively inexpensive and are easy to access. Online reviews can come in handy when choosing a beginner-friendly mixer as they can highlight the pros and cons to each model. One of the best review sites for beginner DJ mixers is the Best DJ Stuff. Check out their website, for quality reviews on beginner DJ mixers and all your DJing needs.

2.    DJ Turntables
Turntables have become a mainstay in DJing. They provide a good source of sound when mixing tracks. While a turntable may look intimidating to a beginner, it is actually pretty easy to use. The best part is that there are turntables that are specifically designed for beginners. These are perfect for a newbie looking to gain confidence before moving to turntables that are a little bit more complex and suited for professionals. A good portion of a DJ’s success comes from their confidence, which means that building it up with an easy-to-use turntable is a good starting point. The challenge therefore lies in determining which one is best suited for a newbie DJ. Luckily, good quality review sites should differentiate them for you with ease.

3.    DJ Speakers
Every DJ needs top quality speakers. That’s because, no matter how good the mix tape is, if the speakers are low quality, the quality of the mix won’t be impressive. All professional DJs know this, and so they make sure to invest in top quality speakers.  A beginner too, should make sure to invest in good DJ speakers so that they sound good to their audience. As a beginner, the type of DJ speakers to go for should be determined by what you intend to do once you turn pro. For instance, if you are looking to become a studio DJ, you can get DJ speakers that bring out the sound in a manner that is as refined as possible for radio and television purposes. On the other hand, if you are looking to do live gigs, then big speakers with high wattage peaks and RMS would be best.

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