The Engineering Student by Arvind Vasudevan

In today’s age of India, when you look at a ragged looking teenager who looks like he needs a shower… badly, unkempt hair and facial hair, and clothes that have more than one stain on it, your mind probably thinks of one thing.

He is probably an engineering student.Engineering Student

So how did this transformation, from a nerdy-school uniform wearing-tuition attending student, to an engineering student (read: animal) happen? This is a question that every parent probably asks. The answer is not so simple.

From the sudden freedom found, to the pressure of studies there are a variety of aspects that completely change (read: destroy) the mind of every freshman that enters an engineering college. Some people easily grasp the subject, other people still don’t remember the name of the subject. Most people walk the thin line between passing on to the next year or taking the classes again due to attendance. Giving exams becomes more about how well your cheating skills are compared to your knowledge. Passing these same exams, however, becomes more about how well you can convince (read: beg) the professors to pass you.

Trying to get into a relationship becomes trying to find hay in a needle stack, because lets face it-the guy to girl ratio is probably 50:1…if you are lucky. Cheap packaged noodles are like gold and everyone is always broke because *cough* parties *cough*.

Yet despite all the emotional roller-coasters and all the pressure of learning absolutely nothing useful for the first two years, an engineering student is more prepared for life after college unlike any other. The lessons learnt from personal experiences guide you throughout the rest of your life. So I guess it ain’t all bad.

About the Author: Arvind Vasudevan is a student at the WelcomGroup School of Hospital Administration, Manipal.

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