The End Of A Semester

Airavat KSRTC Manipal Bus Stand

I couldn’t refrain from glancing at my watch every quarter of an hour. Yes, just a few more minutes to go. Let me finish this last answer and then, I’ll be a free bird. No more assignments, no more class tests, no more labs, no more waking up early for eight o’clock classes and most importantly no more running after the professors when they don’t mark me present in a fit of unjustified (of course) rage.

No more of all of this for at least for a month. The semester was finally going to be over. The duration of the exam wasn’t technically over then but I saw a few of my friends leave the examination hall and needless to say I followed suit.

The air around us breathed freedom – pretty much like how they show in films when a jail-bird is released after years and years of imprisonment – but you could still find a few nerds rushing to the faculty rooms to get their doubts cleared. Believe me, there are students who do care to be sure that they would be getting forty-nine and not forty-eight out of fifty. Why should that one mark cause them nightmares throughout the vacations?
It had been one heck of a week and relief dawned on us when we realized that we were finally going to be home in a matter of hours. The last day of a semester is always something that everyone remembers. Somehow you manage to catch hold of a few extra sweet friends to help you pack your belongings. If you are the first among your group of friends to leave the campus, you are blessed to have loads of people coming to see you off.
That is one moment when you realize that you are not only going home to meet your family but you are also bidding goodbye to your second home and family and that for sure brings about a desire to come back soon.

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