The Dead Echoes

The echoes …reflections of my very thoughts
Some went unheard
And some were lost…

The black waters…I thought to be me
Which now flows by
And nobody sees…

Though dead to the world,
Those shadows have a life
Of the faded figure..
standing beside….the dead echoes - anubhuti jain

The little thoughts..
Which were born from a fragmented mind
Of the dead shadows …
Which was somewhat blind…

The horror, the anger, the terror..
Of the nervous world..
For the black waters
Which were standing still

The waves moved away…
From the anger and the gloom
Leaving behind the trodden leaves
Which once had bloomed…

The shadows now lay
In the waters unknown
May be on the tears
From which it had grown

The faded figure… searched for the light
The reason of the shadow
A mere lie

The echoes, the reflections and the thoughts
Which now lay..
Deep behind the black clots

And the faded figure with no eyes
Who was searching ..perhaps for the light

Knows now ..
That shadows were never bcoz of light.
They are formed …
When the dead world passes by…..


—Anubhuti Jain

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