Sunburn Campus Manipal 2018 – Unyielding Glory

Music has always been one of the things that bring all the people together. However, in Manipal, whether you are the type of person who rolls up wax to make earplugs or roll… Well let’s say something else before a concert, sunburn campus was able to unite the crowd in all of its unyielding glory.

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EDM has always had the ability to make you hum along and tap your feet to the tune, but the electricity and the atmosphere of sunburn made even the most hardcore introverts rave. Feeling the bass course through your veins, the multitude of strobe lights dancing on a tune of its own and having the crowd hype you up, that was the essence of Sunburn Campus – Manipal 2018.

Just like the calm before the storm, everyone entered the ground with mild apprehension, unsure of what they would experience, the volunteers constantly reminding about the tickets giving us perm and even the conversation in groups growing hushed and as the countdown grew to an end.

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The night started with Shubang Yadav of Untied Laces being the sensational comedian he usually is and charming everyone while the artists made final preparations. The crowd didn’t have to wait long as the phenomenal Siana Catherine took to the stage. In a matter of seconds, all the prior tension of everyone’s life dissolved in a symphony of beats as she swayed the crowd with her amazing music. Her performance started with a couple of her own songs but slowly turned towards other tracks with astounding drops that made the crowd go wild. A people from the audience joined her on stage later on which hyped the already amped crowd even more. After an amazing performance, Shaan came on stage and completely wiped everyone’s mind of anything but music. The ever stressed people of Manipal found a reason, a channel through which they could release everything and get lost in the music. An iconic moment of the night was when the song Rock On of the Hindi movie Rockstar was played that let everyone connect with their desi side and Shaan’s new single End of the World was played to conclude an amazing night of music.

Needless to say, everyone returned home with a sore throat and memories of one hell of an evening. Here is to more of these concerts in what is usually termed the Cultural Semester

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