Small Flirting Tips For Men

Do men think that only women have the control in dating when it comes to who chooses whom? Well then, we want to tell all those men that you can dominate over as well by means of flirting, but you should know the art of flirting. Below listed are few flirting tips for men by Manipal Blog: –

You need to make sure that you tease the girl in a playful way. Don’t be too sarcastic or you will just ruin everything. Be playful and make sure that the girl knows that you are just doing it for fun. When she is talking to you, you will get tons of opportunities of teasing, don’t miss them. Also keep the fact in mind that don’t overdo the tease or she will get irritated, only a bit is the best.

Give her your best smiles while you tease her. Also try to smile with your eyes when she is looking at you. Have that charm in your face that can attract her towards you. Behave smartly and don’t mess ever, you do not want her to have a bad impression about you ever, do you? Some men have that cheeky smiles which drives most women crazy, if you perfect all these, you will be in total control.

Sometimes, you need to accuse girls of picking on you. If she gives you a compliment like – “You are so nice” then turn around and act like she is coming onto you. The most flirtatious reply to such a compliment can be – “You are so forward, we have just been chatting for a bit and you are already hitting on me.” You can make any kind of changes, just make sure that you let her know that she is picking on you. Try this trick, I am sure it will work. It has worked in the past, working in present and will always work. This gives the girl a thought in mind that is she really?

Sometimes it happens that the girl is flirting a bit and says something funny or sarcastic but in a playful manner, then tickle her and comment on her funniness. Tickling has worked for most women and they feel great. It is also a way to say that you fancy her.

One of the most important thing that you need to remember is to play on her words. Try to entirely change the meaning of her words into more sort of sexual related. For example – if she says that she is tired today, then tell her that oh wait, it is not so easy, it will at least take a few dates before we can sleep with each other. What does this do? You give her a chance to think, or more sort of imagine the situation of sleeping with you. If she is interested, she will smile and give a sarcastic reply or will try to change the topic. Try this as it always works.


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