Sitting Down is Fine Until You Also Stand Up!

With more and more people getting into desk jobs, sitting hour after hour, good and healthy ergonomics has become the need of the hour. Being in the same posture all day is more taxing than taking a run. At the end of the day when you finally get off your seat, every part of your body aches. There is so much discomfort, that you just want to go back home and lie down.

Amidst all this, one of the issues to worry about is the fact that this lifestyle only succeeds in making us lazier than we already are. We techies return home only to get back on our personal laptops and probably get on FB, Gtalk, or skype! More strain, more laziness, and then even after a night-long sleep, we wake up still feeling exhausted instead of being fresh. We don’t find ourselves welcoming the morning sun! The weekends are mostly spent getting our beauty sleep. The sleep very much craved by this body which never seems to get enough of sitting down holding his head while sitting on chair near computer desk

But surprisingly I have found myself thanking a desk job because it had made me more health-conscious. As they say, we gotta make the best out of every situation life throws at us. Make it a point to change your posture now and then. Also, it is very important to get off your chair. Just take a stroll. Go talk to a colleague at his place personally instead of pinging him/her each time.

Splash some water on your face, clean your eyes now and then. You’ll feel fresher to work. Water is a very refreshing agent. Just try it and you’ll notice how much change it can get into your day. And not just washing, but drinking it as well. If you’re among those who hardly drink water (blame it to the laziness, shall we?), then keep a bottle right next to you, within an arm’s reach. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself emptying it!

If listening to music is allowed in your office, then songs with some grooving tempo right after lunch could be beneficial. The sudden burst of loud music in your ears helps to activate your mind which would have gone into hibernate mode! But make sure you use your earphones and are not disturbing your neighbors. And for your sake, I hope there is no restriction for this in your

Few relaxed deep breaths now and then also helps. When there is a fresh intake of oxygen finding its way to your brain, you feel replenished and less sleepy. It’s only natural to feel sleepy when your eyes are strained from staring into the screen for prolonged intervals. But it’s up to you to find ways to ward it off. Try and get some exercise every day. Humans were not designed to sit at a place all day. So maybe a relaxing walk after dinner. Find company and you will enjoy it. Yoga is an amazing tool to feel fresher for longer.

Well, thus singing the serenade of health and cheer for you, I sign off this weekend settling in the good ergonomics of my workplace! Sitting down is fine as long as you stand up!!!

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