Should One Freelance in College?

Freelancing is the new trend that has spread throughout the world in recent years. For those who are new to this concept, Freelancing is basically sitting at home and working for companies or individuals who can or cannot be in the same city as yours. This has grown enormously due to the major advantage of sitting at home and working.
But being a college student, should one take up freelancing?

College can get hectic as hell at times, but on the other hand, it just comes how one handles their time. There are a lot of pros of freelancing.

1. You get better
Be in writing, photography or coding, if you are good at it, then you should never do it for free. Once a very wise person said, “if you are good at something, make sure that that thing is a source of income for you.” And thus if you think you are good at anything, there is no harm in doing it for money.

2. Better exposure
As you start freelancing, you get to learn and know about things that you never knew existed. Also, this helps in making new contacts. As you get better, you can apply for companies which could be an add-on in your CV.

3. Extra money is never bad
College is definitely hectic, but if one wants they can definitely take their time out and work. Freelancing won’t just help you become better in what you do but also help you earn extra money. And as you get better you earn much more and this can help you with your higher studies or whatever plans you have.

But as a coin has two sides, there are always cons for every pro. The pros of freelancing are,

1. Less time
There are chances when your friends might be chilling out or having parties, you might just stay back in your room and work because you have deadlines to meet. This can get on some peoples head, but once you get used to working, trust me there is no looking back.

2. Work pressure
There are times when one cannot handle college work pressure, and upon that additional work, pressure would just make the entire situation even worse. So if one cannot multitask, then it’s better to not take up freelancing.

Initially, freelancing can be a hard thing to do, but once a person gets into the flow, then there is no looking back. Major sites like,, can be helpful to people who have just started freelancing. So if you think you have some hidden talent, then its time to use it and earn money.

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