Review- Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

When it comes to their choice of musical genre and favorite artists and bands, people give a wide variety of answers. Everyone has that particular kind of taste in music which they relate to the most and their lists of favorite singers and bands which they enjoy listening to the most, and even try to recreate that music on their own. One common element that you will always find in these lists is the name ‘Coldplay’. This is one of those bands that nobody can possibly hate and everyone loves listening to. For the past 20 years, they have kept on producing some of the most beautiful songs in musical history which have found their way into the hearts of almost every music lover on this planet. In this recently released documentary film, the band reflects on their incredible journey together over the past two decades.

‘Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams’, tells the story of one of the most loved bands in the world through unseen, behind the scenes and live footage which have been filmed over a span of the 20 years that the filmmaker Matt Whitecross has spent with the band since first meeting with the four members back in 1996, even before they had formed the band. It shows the complete process that went into the making of their latest album called “A Head Full of Dreams”, and in a beautiful blend of things, the film reflects upon all their past instances with each process step of the making of this album. The four main members of the band consisting of bass guitarist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, and the famous frontman Chris Martin, narrate and recall each phase of their journey through the years, one album at a time. Another unseen member of the band, recognized by the four musicians as the supporting pillar of the band is Phil Harvey, the creative director, and manager of the band. He also narrates his first encounter with Chris Martin during their boarding school days and how one thing lead to another and he ended up agreeing to manage the band, as he saw great potential in the cumulative talent of this group of friends.

The film brilliantly portrays the journey of the band, piecing together the perspectives of each of the five members, and showcasing the reason why this group has remained strong together throughout the years no matter how bad the times and conditions have been. One issue that has been touched upon constantly during this film, is the fact that so many famous groups and bands in the past, ended up in a split. Whereas on the other hand, this group of friends has accepted their differences and as all of them say in this film, they understood that music was the sole factor that brought them together and during the most adverse of times the only thing that formed their unspoken support for each other, was their common love for music. The film showcases the various backlashes that musical groups face from various factors and how Coldplay tackled them with utmost grace, and in that process created music which has since reverberated in all of our playlists. No matter what mood you are in, whether you are happy or sad, filled with hope or down with negative thoughts, whether you are in love or fallen out of it, there is a Coldplay song for everyone and everything. Another exciting feature of the film is the backstories of the most hit and famous songs of the band, how they were written, how they were created and composed and how it helped the band itself in seeing out various difficult phases.

This film gives the very message that Coldplay has made their foundation of, “Never Give up!”. It’s a message for everybody in the world and is an inspiration especially to those who want to become a musician or an artist. This film makes you fall in love with this band if you weren’t already, and the rest will fall in love all over again.

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