Planning your First Year of College in the Dorm

Ragging in Manipal
Although the Indian Government has banned it from all colleges across the nation with strict implications if found guilty, only an ignorant fool would think that it has become completely non – existent.

College life on campus offers students the opportunity to prove to everyone especially themselves that they have finally grown up. They have the opportunity to make decisions for themselves and are able to choose whether they go to class, eat junk food, dine in the dining hall, party all night and many other self-directed decisions.

Students who choose to go away to college and have the opportunity to leave in a college dorm find the first year of college full of excitement. There is something to do all the time and around the clock. There are people who stay up all night and study and party all night. There are so many opportunities to set the path into motion for a successful life or so many opportunities to screw it up. College dorm life provides a student with the opportunity to be a real grown-up in the worst of times and the best of times.

Temptation will exist for the college student to avoid studying and great studious habits for an ice cold beer straight out of the keg. Drugs are rampant on every college campus and many students living in the dorm find that they can’t seem to escape the temptations and ultimately will flunk out of school for the inability to grow up. Still others will realize the financial sacrifice their parents are making to send them to college and they will make the effort to attend class, study and make the grades while pointing their life in the direction which they intend to go.

The first year of college dorm life will likely introduce you to a world you have never seen before. You’ll discover that some people are neat freaks and some people are just freaks. You’ll see some people struggle just to get change for a hamburger while others shop at Macy’s. There will be online gambling, online chat rooms and online things that you’ll wish you didn’t know about all because of a little thing called freedom.

College students face the excitement of becoming an adult and being able to budget their money for the week while choosing where they want to go for the weekend. College students will take the time to get to know one another and form friendships which will last a lifetime.

Dorm life will offer you the opportunity to live on campus close to the college community while still being somewhat limited to complete out-of-control freedom. You’ll love the dorm for a while and then you will hate the very idea of it and you’ll eventually want to move further out away from restrictions such as into your own apartment. However, keep in mind that once you make that move you certainly miss a lot of fun times on campus which are certainly fun times which will change the way you think and help you learn to think all on your own. Challenge your mind and yet discover that you have the ability to change your mind without anyone standing in the shadows to tell you why you should have or shouldn’t have done so.

Dorm life for college students is a great opportunity to experience. It is an experience and it is so much of what college is all about.

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