Peaceful march carried out by the students of Manipal in support of the Lokpal Bill

I am Anna Hazare!

A peaceful march was carried out by the students of Manipal University today that started from Kamath Circle and went on till KMC greens.

The students were from all the institutions and were shouting slogans protesting against corruption and supporting the Lokpal Bill and social activist Anna Hazare.

Over 1000 students took part in this march which also turned into a candle light march later in the evening. This march was done under the supervision of the Campus security.

Pass the Bill!
This is only the beginning

That’s Student Power

And it Begins


  1. Why is it that people will do protests to support a person in Delhi , when the effect of your protest will not even be felt. The reason for a protest is to spread awareness, and I think everyone knows about Hazare by now.

    Why not do protests on a more local level?
    Protest against losing attendance for attending placements
    Protest against the restrictive and hypocritical rules imposed by the college management
    Protest against the college increasing intake beyond its capacity, etc..

    These protests may have some effect.
    Otherwise, the protest is just for the protesters own satisfaction

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