The Lover on the Terrace – Dr. Namrata Adhauliya

Moon was out in the sky, the closest to Earth in over a century. The tides in the distance seemed violent, because of the perigee, rising and falling only to rise higher the next time. She stood on her terrace, silently smiling at the beauty of the moment. The moment she had awaited a long time now.

Unsettled Romance - A novella
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The night she had first met him was not quite unlike this one, only a lot more silent. Ever since, she had come religiously to the terrace at mid-night. The only time they had a conversation, he had told her how beautiful she was and how much he needed her. When she told him she could not wait to be his, body and soul, his mysterious blue eyes had radiated a strange glow. An eternal promise was made, he would return on the day moon shone brightest in the sky and she would leave all that she had ever known and will be his forever.

Dressed elegantly in a gown as white as her flawless skin, she stood there, with a strange sense of happiness and passion. Suddenly, swept by a wave of serenity, she turned around to see her love standing at the far end of the terrace. The moment their eyes met she was taken. He beckoned her and she walked towards him in a trance, slowly but steadily. Finally when she could wait no longer, she ran and took a leap of faith into the arms of her beloved. She could feel herself flying up and away towards the stars, which seemed to shiver in front of the mighty moon. They were together, they were one.

It was late next morning when the gardener found the body lying below the far end of the terrace.





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