On Dealing With Office Drama: Keeping Your Cool in the Workplace

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In every workplace, there’s the office “bitch”, “witch”, OR “drama queen.” She craves for attention, and she gets it by speaking extra-loud, creating nasty little rumors or simply just “bitching out”, especially against other girls. She picks her targets carefully. Most of the time, she picks on the people who she thinks won’t fight back. She has her “minions”, who can be as equally annoying as she is. Birds of the same feather, have the same attitude problem.

She makes you think of those high school bullies. She goes around with her posse and they start talking about you, loud enough for you to hear. You would think that these things would stop once you graduate from high school, but she’s stuck in her own little high school and she’s dragging you along with her. You try to explain things to her rationally, and she lashes out, gives character attacks and completely off-tangent remarks that you start wishing for the world to swallow either one of you up, just to get out of that mess.

Well, whatever you do, don’t bother confronting her or talking to her in a civilized manner. If she’s constantly acting this way, then that could mean that she has a lot of issues. And you wouldn’t want to be in the receiving end of an unasked-for rant. Since your little office princess or office drama queen is living in her own little world, she would never consider her actions as being wrong. Even if she does realize she just made a huge mistake, don’t bother hoping for an apology from her. It will never happen. She’s not logical. It’s a no-win battle.

The best thing you can do is to ignore, ignore and ignore some more. Drama Queens love being noticed. If you pay attention to your office drama queen, the more she would think that she’s someone important. Remember, insignificant things remain insignificant until you choose to notice them.

First few days of ignoring the office drama queen might be pretty difficult to do. The more you ignore her, the more she’ll try to get your attention. Expect her to be a little more annoying and a little more irritating the next few days. After a while, she’s bound to lose steam and find someone else to bother with her insecurities.

Never trust her. If she offers the truce, accept it and be civil but do NOT share personal information or any secret you may have that she could use against you in the future. Even if you do end up as friends, you already know her true character. Secrets are not meant to be artillery, but with her, you can be sure that everyone would know your secrets in a span of an hour or two after a fight with you.

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