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It is good to remember our achievements. It is good to remind ourselves ever so often of the improvements we have made in our lives. But just as it is unproductive to dwell on the negatives of the past, it is also unproductive to keep thinking of the past good, and not add to the memories.

You know how easy it is to sit all day and reminiscence about the good old days, when “I did this,’’ “Oh, I was at my best then’’, riding high on the wave of memories, when today is ripe with opportunities to create more good!

I have been guilty of doing that at times. Letting each day slip by just thinking about the times I did something I thought was too difficult, overcame a weakness, or accomplished something really major. Nothing wrong in doing this, but we must be careful that we do not stop there.creativity

We can use the memories of those good and great times in our lives to remind us of what we are capable of doing—again!

The more I do now, the more I realise just how much more I can do. I am on fire now, just wanting to fill each day to the brim with action. No longer am I coming up with excuses why I can’t. I’m coming up with reasons why I should, and have to produce.

We are all creative beings. We are given all that we need to bring whatever “it’’ is to fruition. We are empowered to make new our lives and to turn everything into something fresh.

I know that each and every one of us has something we would like to do, start or accomplish. Yet something (maybe the memories of all that we had to go through to achieve something before) is keeping us back.

But we must make the best use of today. We must realise that we can do something today—even something that we have never done before. Guess what? It all starts with a new thought.

Be blessed.

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