Mothers’ Day Special- “Mom, you’re the best!”

Be it the times of rejoice,

All my random trips and choice;

Or be it those trivial moments of protest,

She is always the first one to foresee,

But still will never try to judge me.

That’s why, “Mom, you’re the best”.

Every time when I will be upset,

Or standing in the rain, getting wet,

She will be there knowing that I messed;

And will comfort me, palliate the stress,

And rinse off the wet part, reliving my distress.

That’s why, “Mom, you’re the best”.

I know I have hurt you a lot of times,

But still you were my partner in all the crimes.

You encouraged me to decode every quest,

Trusting me blindly that I had it in me what it took to beat the rest.

I know not why I am so blessed,

And grateful to Him that, “Mom, you’re the best”.

On this Mothers’ day, I came across the post

To describe what’s best about mothers and so here I boast:

They are the epitome of love and with us, they are obsessed,

It, thus, should be our aim to provide her with utmost respect,

Fulfill her dreams and keep the mother-child relationship perfect

Because, no doubt, “Moms are the best”.


Happy Mothers’ Day! 🙂

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