MANIPALISM: A religion for Manipalites!

Here is an idea folks! Manipalism: A new religion that is not bound by the chains of existing religious norms. Here there is no fear of a superpower who is going to punish you for your alleged ‘misdeeds’. A religion for the young. The youth of Manipal who follows one single motto: DEVIL MAY CARE!

The basic requirements for you to follow this religion are very simple:
1. You should be somehow related to this amazing town of Manipal OR Manipal University!
2. You should not discriminate on the basis of any other religion, caste, color or GENDER!
3. Pessimists will be kicked out!

After spending time in this fantabulous place, all of us have one thing in common: We appreciate the culture and the diversity of this place. Manipalism is for everyone. Asians, Africans, Caucasians and every other possible classification that humans have come up with to differentiate amongst themselves.

You may choose your own God! (For some reason Dr. TMA Pai popped in my head) Yes you can choose DEE TEE as your God if you want that! In Manipalism no one judges his/her fellow Manipalite just because he/she loves vodka shots or seeks recreation in any other fashion (ahem ahem!).

Manipalism is spread all over the world because the alumni are not just restricted to India. That is the wonderful part of this religion. You share rich experiences of your place with your fellow Manipalites and get the same from them.

Even though this is an imaginary concept, it would be fun if you think about it for a moment. The years you spend here are the golden ones that are never going to come back. So why not enjoy these years in unity and help others come out the closet! So embrace this wonderful concept and repeat after me: MANIPALISM ROCKS! 😉


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