Manipal, Lockdown and Saturday Flipsides!

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You may return without an umbrella but you will never return without warming the cockles of your heart from any place you go in Manipal. It all sprang up at Tiger Circle from the Manipal Stores. Let’s hit you up with flashbacks of how your Saturdays were before this lockdown like your Snapchat does every day. You wake up in the morning all sluggish, dragging your mundane existence to the class with your eyes barely opening, only to find your friends in a much worse condition, all conked out between the lectures, while you are busy taking their forbidden snaps. You dutch money to hire scooties and race to the beach to behold a sight of the idyllic sunset in the evening, where one of you has his girl along, one has a beer in his hand and one has a Bluetooth speaker concocting his little “Dil Chahta Hai” moment. You come back with crunchy sandy footsteps and hustle to get ready for the most awaited party, making your stop at Thalloor first. The night ends with you dancing away to some of your favourite numbers at Deetee and then crashing Edge which follows crying on issues that only bug you up while you are returning from the club. Your friends mollify you with their lamest jokes and you embarrass yourself in front of the auto driver too.

Saturdays during the lockdown
You only get to know it’s Saturday when you realize that there is no class on the MS teams the next day. Your group video call is all about having the unfulfilled Goa trip and morning samosa chaat at TC. You upload throwbacks that embarrass you as well as makes your heart a little mushy. Your craving for Egg factory’s pasta is tormenting you and the spicy wings of EOTT are all you can think about. You go through your gallery, embracing all the memories and get all sappy while watching the video of Deetee with the background score “Summer of 69”. Have our Saturdays become boring or is it that we don’t want it any other way than the “Manipal Style”? Your last picture before leaving Manipal with the caption of “Until Next Time” makes you a little down in the mouth. Absence makes the heart grow fonder maybe distance too after all it’s the same place where you’ve found your “My Squad”.


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