Manipal, DeeTee and Elections 2014.

This is going to be a mother of all elections. Never in the history of Indian elections, there have been so many young voters and never had been technology used so extensively. So how does it make it the mother of all elections? Well, frankly I am as clueless as my hero Rahul Gandhi. It may be because of escape velocity or mosquitoes, doesn’t’ matter. I am OK as long as you vote and emancipate women. Or wait till my hero asks mommy.

Well, voting is serious business, as serious as going to the DeeTee on a Friday evening. Now don’t get me wrong. Going to DeeTee is not about drinking, it is about principle. The outside world may not understand this. For them, Manipal is only about booze and drugs. But frankly, I feel that it is the outer world that is smoking. Else, try explaining this to me.

Manipal Politics

1. A so called Chaiwala ( So derisively called so by the whimsical Manishankar Aiyar of the congress) has shown more proclivity to use the technology intelligently than a party proud of its battery of Harvard and Oxford educated ministers and led by a Cambridge educated leader. That shows that a man can learn more common sense by serving in a tea stall in India than …. Well never mind. Even indigenous education has failed. I can see that the day is not far when even an IIT would one day apologise! It’s time they did.

Talking of education, we need an overhaul. How long shall we keep asking the children the same outdated questions like who is the father of the milk revolution. Education should be more contemporary , instead, like who is the father of the chai movement. That would make the smug Manishankar Aiyar a legend in his lifetime and the congress will have nothing to complain.
( They hijacked our Sardar Patel but gave back our Manishankar his due.)

2. A sparrow like man, wearing uninspiring muffler and half shirt and looking like a caricature of himself, topples the mighty prince from the second rank in popularity. To me he is as inspiring as a lukewarm coffee on a cold wintry Sunday morning. To me he is someone who could easily drown in my hero’s dimples.

And then they accuse us of smoking!

Examples galore. In fact there are so many, they make a strong statement for making weed legal. Sorry I got carried away. I am watching my hero giving an enlightening speech in Dibrugarh.

Coming back to the topic, this is the mother of elections and the majority of voters are youngsters. As youngsters, You must realize the burden of history  on your slender shoulders.

You must remember your legacy and your rich history . You have given this world Timmy Anna and Xerox Aunty.

It is time you gave them a leader.

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