Learning about Post EMBA Career Options from Counselors in MBA institutes in Mumbai

If you are staying in India, you can come across several colleges in Mumbai that provide degrees in executive MBA and also provide an insight into the career opportunities after completing the program. If you are ambitious and working for the last five years or so, you should enroll in EMBA. However, once you complete your studies you will face a common question – should you pursue your career from within the company you are working for or should you quit the present job and the present industry for a more lucrative option?

When deciding on this subject, you have to consider certain parameters. One of the factors is the support rendered by the present employer. If you notice that the study leave provided was only a way of retaining a valuable employee like you and not for providing a way for your career advancement, it is better to quit. Mentioned below are two sets of possibilities. One shows the benefits of quitting your job after executive MBA and the other shows benefits of staying put in your current job after completion of EMBA. emba

Advantages of Leaving

# Better improvement

If you are an ambitious professional and an EMBA, you want changes to happen quickly and are not satisfied with a mere promotion in the present job. You prefer to be challenged in your role and so, trying to find out new job opportunities makes way for progress in career in a targeted way. By staying in the same organization you might not receive the same kind of opportunity that a changing scenario would provide.

# Increase in salary

If you switch companies after acquiring an EMBA degree, your chances of salary hike are more. With EMBA, you are equipped with greater negotiating power, which increases when you switch to a new company for a new role.

# Start afresh

By moving out, you give yourself the chance to find out something different that suits your qualifications and skill set. This helps in moving up the career ladder and gets you a satisfying job profile. However, you need to very careful because you have never before been on this track.

Advantages of Staying

# Loyalty is rewarded

When you stick to your present company even after acquiring EMBA, your career tends to be on an upward trajectory in the long run. This is because, you have already created a social network in the present company and career progress depends a lot on relationships. With your new knowledge set and skills you have a greater chance of rising up the career ladder because managers and peers are aware of your capabilities.

# Enhanced value

The more you are aware of the work procedure, work culture and products of a company, the more able you are to control the operations of that organization. This capability makes you valuable for your organization and your chances of promotion are increased ten fold.

# Chance to prove yourself

Since, the organization knows you and has invested in you; they have certain expectations from you. This might lead them to offer you harder tasks and you might have to shoulder more complicated responsibilities. It will also give you a chance to apply your newly achieved knowledge base and grow in career.

From the above article, it can be deduced that both options of quitting and staying at the present company have their own set of advantages. But, you have to be careful about the decision you make. You have to understand, if your present employer granted you a leave to study for your exams because you are a valuable asset or because they have better things in mind for you.

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