Laloo Prasad Yadav : A Thing of Past

From the corridors of power a shrill voice came echoing early this Monday. And quiet rightly so because it was a day that spelt doom on the RJD supremo Laloo Prasad Yadav. The age old fodder scam of 1996 taking a toll of 950 crores saw Laloo in trouble on and off. The leader faces risk of disqualification from LOK SABHA under Sec. 102 of the Constitution that makes MPs liable to disqualification if they are put behind bars for more than 2 years.

Excerpt from Times of India
Excerpt from Times of India

Whether this is the end of a 30 year old carrier,only time can answer that. But those witty jokes will never be heard again in the Parliament. Well known for his “rustic” sense of humour the leader struck cord with the masses early in 90s when he ruled Bihar for fifteen years, unceremoniously though. Controversies marked the political regimen and the state plunged into hunger, poverty and red tapism. Meanwhile the demon of Fodder Scam raised its head for the first time in late 90s and it saw Laloo in jail with his wife Rabri taking over the reigns of party and the Government.
It was only in 2004 that saw Rabri out of power when a resurgent Bihar voted RJD out of power but fate had other plans for Laloo. With UPA taking command in the centre and Laloo being a part of the coalition, it was again a change of fortunes for Laloo as he took over the Railway Ministry as he charmed the nation with his profit making abilities for Railways. Though the losses were huge for his party in Bihar, the leader nurtured the Prime Ministorial ambitions. But as the Congress didn’t need its age old satrap post 2009 elections, Laloo was reduced to almost nothing. Since then he lost allies, lost friends and went unnoticed.
Laloo has the ability to bounce back. But the possibilities look desolate this time. With his closest aides either out of power, behind bars or in the opposition- a change of fortunes seems quiet unlikely.

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