It’s TOILETS First for Narendra Modi

All of a sudden the national scenario has heated up this week. With Narendra Modi drawing flak from all hard liners on his “Toilets first and Temples later” remark early this week when he started off his campaign in the national capital, New Delhi. Narendra Modi, a well known Hindu mouthpiece dared to announce in front of a huge gathering that “Sauchalaya before Devalaya” should be our goal. However he added that somebody of the image of a Hindu hardliner, he shouldn’t be saying this. The issue was good enough to unsettle Pravin Togadia who quickly asked BJP to distance itself from the controversy sparked by Modi. Shiv Sena and other other Saffron out-fits too found the remarks unnecessary.

Undoubtedly Modi doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to building a clean image. And this was one of those attempts that drew more flak than praise for him. Earlier Mr Jayram Ramesh was criticised on a similar comment when there was nation wide protest against him. It is a curious case in India. You can’t stand by the truth and still be politically correct all the time. As for Modi, the whole of BJP stood in firm support.

No publicity is bad publicity. As Modi makes sure he never stays away from headlines, the opposition leaders make sure he is targeted so that they are in the news too. Incidentally all of this is helping Modi in one way or the other.

Stay tuned for the latest on the build- up to the Lok Sabha elections. Its Dance of The Democracy folks.

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