Is there a Difference between hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

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The world of cannabis is growing, with more and more health benefits coming to life than we previously thought. There are new uses for both hemp and cannabis but is there a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil.

Hemp and cannabis oil has been used for centuries to treat many illnesses and conditions, but are now considered mainstream. So before you plan to Shop cbd oil you must know the difference between them both.

Here, we’ll analyze both and give you an answer to is there a difference between hemp oil and CBD Oil.

All About Hemp Oil

Hemp oil or hempseed oil is an oil made from hemp in cannabis. Hemp is a part of cannabis, and the seeds themselves are pressed to keep the nutrients in place and also to preserve the fatty acids.

The purpose of this oil is cosmetics, but also to treat skin conditions including irritations, diseases, psoriasis, and eczema, and even is used to help with aging and provide restorative effects to people.

It has omega-3 fatty acids in it that help moisturize the skin, regenerate your cells, and helps with retaining moisture.

There is almost no THC or CBD in hemp oil. Even though they come from the same plant, they’re from the seeds rather than the bud which has THC in it, so it won’t have either of these chemicals.

There may be trace amounts, but it won’t amount to much. it also won’t contain any cannabinoids in it either, so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test if you use this.

It also won’t work for managing pain in the same way CBD oil does, because it lacks cannabinoids.

The primary purpose of hemp oil is for skin issues, but some people do like to use it in cooking, and emulsifying. It doesn’t cause a “high” like marijuana does, nor will it help with pain like CBD does.

It is however an effective moisturizer, especially if you have really dry skin or rashes, and if you have dry or scaly skin, this is really good for it. It also is a luxury oil compared to the other substances that come from the cannabis plant

What about CBD Then?

CBD oil comes from the leaves of the plant itself, not the seeds. this is cold-pressed as well to create an oil. The oil is marketed as such, so if you’re looking for a product that contains CBD, this is it

This isn’t the same as hemp for many reasons. For starters, the primary purpose of CBD is to help with managing pain and providing a relaxed state. It can help with restlessness, anxiety disorders, and inflammation.

If you’re in pain, CBD may help with it. Hemp won’t do much besides moisturizing the skin.

Both of these substances do not contain THC, but CBD is not used in skin treatments or cosmetics as much as hemp is.

The medicinal benefits also work internally, and it can help with internal issues and pain you may have.

Like hemp though, CBD does come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, though they’re two different areas, and help with two different issues.

How are they Used?

CBD is typically taken in different ways. it’s used both internally and externally. This can be done in either the oil form directly, or even in a small capsule.

You can use this with seizures, pain, stress, headaches, and a whole lot of other health issues.  Oral ingestion gets directly into your bloodstream, so it can help right away. You can also get CBD that helps with skin pain, arthritis, and other problems too.

CBD is also vaped like nicotine to get it directly into your system through CBD inhalers.  It is legal in all 50 states.

In contrast, hemp oil is used in skincare products such as massage oil or moisturizer. You can ingest it, but it won’t help as much and is primarily an external skincare product.

Both hemp and CBD can be used on your skin.

So What’s Best for Me?

That ultimately depends on the benefits you’re going for.

If you’re looking for skincare, hemp is the way to go. If you want to try to reverse aging, moisturize the skin, or help with skin conditions, hemp oil is the better.

If you’re looking to treat pain, discomfort, headaches, inflammation, anxiety,or even arthritis and muscle aches, CBD oil is the best one to use.

There is a distinct difference between both of these, but they both can be used to help treat various conditions in the body.

There’s no question CBD oil is best for pain, anxiety, and inflammation plus a host of other ailments. Nature’s Pure CBD Oils are sourced from the highest quality, naturally grown hemp plants for the most premium benefits. With third-party testing, and fully transparent lab reports you’ll know you’re getting the highest quality. Let our USA organically grown hemp take your healing to an all-natural level…choose Nature’s Pure.

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