How important it is to cover your hands in winters?

woollen gloves for men

Everybody likes shopping and the moment you think of doing winter shopping, you think of buying sweaters, jackets, coats. But how many people actually think of buying hand gloves as well?

Covering your body is important during winters, hence we buy sweaters, jackets, thermals, caps or mufflers for covering our upper body and for lower body we buy woollen pants or denims. But why do we forget that like other parts of the body, covering hands is equally important during winters. It is not a good idea to step out of the house bare hands as you might get frostbites and will make your skin dry and flaky. We spend so much for our face but we hardly spend some time to even take care of our hands. Constant exposure of hands in cold weather makes your skin dry especially skin on your knuckles and between your fingers. Hence, it is important to keep your hands protected in best possible manner as you can.

Men spend most of their time outside earning for their families and hence they need to keep their hands protected as well during the season. There are many varieties of winter gloves for men available and there are certain things that need to be considered before purchasing a hand glove.

Material – The main idea behind wearing a glove is too keep the hand warm and cosy. The hand glove should be capable enough to stop the heat to escape. Though winter gloves are available in many fabrics like woollen, synthetic, leather etc but woollen gloves for men are the most preferred choice. For men, who like riding bikes, woollen gloves for men are the best option as wool is a bad conductor of heat and retain body heat as well. Since we are talking about men and every man like the look of macho, leather is another favourite material for them.  But for you should always buy gloves that are less bulky else it would restrict the hand movement.

Colour – You should always wear accessories that match the outfit you are wearing and hence investing in neutral colours like black, blue, grey etc is the safest option. Black colour has the capability of absorb heat, keeping your hand warm. Therefore, black is the most preferred colour during winters and should be avoided during summers. Also, black colour can be matched with all outfits.

Size – An important point to think is the fit of the glove. You do not want to feel uncomfortable the whole day and only if the fit is right you would be able to enjoy the gloves. Don’t buy gloves that are either too tight or too loose. There are various types of fits available to choose from. There are gloves that only cover your palm and there are also gloves available that cover till your elbow. Hence, you should choose the outfit that would properly cover your gloves. Also, a good pair of glove would never restrict the hand movement and allow your hands to move freely.

Next time you go for shopping winter clothes, make sure you buy a good pair of gloves for yourself but considering these tips in mind.

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