Immortals Review: 4/10

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 Synopsis: Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity. IMDB

What’s Good: The CGI is fantastic at parts.  The visual scenes as gorgeous as expected of the director of The Cell and The Fall, Tansem Singh.  Most of the fight scenes are actually quite good.  There will be comparisons with 300.  But it’s no where to that level except maybe for about 2 min or so in the fights total.  Beyond that honestly not much else.  It’s funny watching heads blow up all over the place.  Mickey Rourke was the only one who fit his role, the acting and the voice, though all he seemed to be doing is brutally damaging the marbles of all guys around him “A man’s seed is his most brutal weapon,”..seriously?

What’s not so good:  Pretty much everything else.  The story is dull, lifeless, boring and just really the whole movie has no soul.  But what really steals the “What’s bad” highlight is the acting.  Henry Cavill the future Man of Steel does try, he does but fails miserably.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for the cliché lines. But the rest of them from the absolute rubbish of the first order as expected Freida Pinto.  Why is she so overhyped? There is absolutely no talent / beauty / sexiness nothing.  In her last movie, the ape had better acting skills.  It’s like watching an actor made of stone. Luke Evans portraying Zeus does what anyone with a 5 min role could.  Nothing to exaggerate here.  The rest of the actors aren’t even worth penning down. 

Next up is the bad can they get?  Especially the costumes of the Gods..could they really not get a more outlandish appeal?  One had candlesticks in his hair…seriously.  The CGI was really bad in any of the landscapes.  In this day and age, bloody disappointing. 

It is so devoid of a script and what is left is pretty much out in the open for anyone with a quarter of a brain.  I was almost tempted to give it a 6 TILL I saw the ending, what a cliché’ dumb way to end a movie.  Trying to leave it open for a 2nd fails miserably and if the next one does come, I’m going to save my money and wait for the TV release if that. 

Oh on another note the weapon so hyped up all over?  It got a total of 15 – 30 sec of screen time.  If that.  

End Note:  This is a gorgeous, beautiful dead movie with stone cast actors and flat script.  Pathetic doesn’t seem to describe it.  It’s a waste of a movie.  









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