How to Choose the Right Tattoo for You, According to Tattoo Artists

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Getting tattooed is the new norm since nowadays, even teachers and bankers are having tattoos all over. Back in the day, tattoos were considered rude and unprofessional, but times are changing so having some ink isn’t a barrier to getting the job you want, even though there are workplaces that still strictly prohibit their employees from getting tattoos. Still, if you’re absolutely sure that your tattoo won’t hinder you at all, and you’re looking to get inked, here are some ways to choose the right tattoo at the tattoo parlour Melbourne.

Make sure that you want it

Many people compulsively go to tattoo parlors and ask artists for the first tattoo they see in the catalog. Now, some of these drawings are really stunning, but if you want to embrace your tattoo for years to come, you need to be absolutely sure that you want it. The best way to do it is to draw it on the piece of paper (or print it) and keep it on the wall (or any visible place in your home). If, after six months or a year, you still feel strongly about it, then feel free to get it done. Of course, your tattoo should be anything you like, but in order to save yourself from ridicule, try to stay away from fads such as tribal inks, Chinese symbols, and quotes that speak to you on a superficial level. This is crucial if you’re getting your first tattoo, as many people are too eager and inexperienced to actually get prepared before their tattoo session.Tattoo Bikini

Research the tattoo

This is important if you’re planning to get a name, sentence or quote in a foreign language, especially if the said language doesn’t use standardized Latin alphabets, such as Arabic or Chinese. Most of the tattoo artists or body art specialist aren’t proficient in foreign languages, and they often tend to tattoo anything a client wants them to, so if you’re not careful, you may end up with a Chinese recipe for noodles, instead of that profound quote on love and life, for example.

Also, Google translate isn’t the most reliable option, since its translations are often inaccurate, so if you really want that foreign language tattoo, the best way to be certain is to consult someone who speaks that language.  That can also be applied to languages like French and Spanish because even the best can make a mistake if they don’t pay attention.

A few years ago, Rihanna got a tattoo in French that was actually all wrong, so it’s always the best to ask a native speaker to verify it for you.

Find a reliable tattoo artist

A lot of tattoo artists will do everything a client wants, which can have pretty disastrous results. So, before you book that appointment, make sure to have at least one consultation. A reliable tattoo artist like Tatuering Malmö will always give you helpful suggestions and ideas.

Not everyone can have the same thing tattooed on the exact same spot, so if your tattoo artist says that you shouldn’t have that angel tattoo on your hip, don’t get disheartened, instead, try to find a different and more creative solution that will also make you happy. Even better, if you’re planning to get a tattoo that is specific, try to find a tattooist that is specialized in that type of art.

In case you’re looking to get a unique Japanese tattoo, it’s always advisable to find an artist that is experienced and well-versed in drawing and tattooing these motifs. Some blackwork inks require special needles so always make sure that the tattooist has all the necessary equipment and experience.Awesome Tattoo Design For Hand

Don’t look up to celebrities

Famous people have this unique flaw — they appear flawless on TV, Instagram and on magazine covers. So, if you’re looking to get inked, maybe a celebrity isn’t the best person to look up to since they often have different lifestyles and access to the best tattoo aftercare possible. Besides, your tattoo should be a reflection of you and what you like, not something you saw on a celebrity.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that celebrity tattoos are totally off-limits, but rather that you should always get something that’s more original and personal. Finding inspiration in others is fine, but it’s always better to use that inspiration to create something uniquely yours.

Choosing the right tattoo isn’t an easy job. You should be careful about many things, including font type, size, colors and the place of your tattoo. But if you do research and consult a reputable tattoo artist, you’ll be able to get the tattoo that is just right for you.

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