How to build a career in painting

So you have planned to build a career in painting. Well this is a realistic choice but you need to very cautious as in what you exactly do. In order to succeed as a fine artist you ought to groom yourself in the field. Painting as a career is a rewarding but what all it takes to be a successful player let’s take a look.

Most of us are exposed to art as paintings in galleries or those books that we have painted in school days, but painting is just not this. It is much beyond it.Children Painting

What are the career options for the artists?

A painting career is not just restricted to a canvas board which is later framed and sold in an art gallery. Behind every piece of art we come across whether it is in a newspaper, magazine, poster, book, leaflet there is an artist called painter. As a painter you can choose to work in different fields and can earn high salary packets.

Painters work in sync with graphic designers, illustrators, draws cartoons and graphics to come up with unique designs and arts forms as per the need and requirement of the client. Web designers, computer graphic artists and painters make use of tools (a modern version of a paint brush) and animators.

Modern day painters can work to design computer games, draw paintings for art galleries, work in museums, take up a job that involves teaching art,  art therapist, can do face painting, tattoo painting, mural painting and much more. But doing all this requires creative skills and self-determination.

Qualification required being a painter

If you wish to be a successful painter then make sure that you have a professional degree or diploma that confirms your skills in the field. In order to bag good opportunity you need to have strong educational background. Take a look at different educational options available such as fine art degrees or graphic art degree or diploma. Take up enough business courses to make sure that you have skills to sell your work and can manage your own business. You can take up a art classes with reputed institutes who specialize in the field. Before enrolling with the institute make sure to conduct due research and analyze the nitty-gritty. Take a look to know the faculties who will be teaching you painting, the placement system, techniques used in teaching and the institute’s infrastructure, all these facts are important to consider. In addition also probe to know the fees charged the span of the course and the certification offered at the end of the program.

What are the compensations and salary of the painter?

If you are in to creative industry then don’t forget that it is highly competitive. But see it as a challenge and stay motivated to overcome the hurdles and be successful. It takes hard efforts and determination to sell your work and produce quality and creative designs that appeals the eyes of others.

Though art will not help you in making same money as a stockbroker at the start of the career, but if you are dedicated in your job and produce quality work then chances are high that you will get better opportunities and may earn high. There are many successful painters who have earned millions for their work but they have dedicatedly worked in all highs and lows to accomplish their goals.

Besides many people choose painting as a career not to pay their monthly bills but to earn name and fame allied to the quality work. So what is your take about the industry and career entirely depends upon your perception.

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