How do you install a composite panel?

composite panel
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Life goes on. Whenever the time for renovation comes, many people keep wondering and searching for information needed. What material to choose for cladding? How to install a composite aluminium panel? What essential points to investigate? And Google, Yahoo, or Bing search really helps.

Thousands of different companies, such as Glamour Decor Australia, propose their answers and guidance on these and other questions. Ready to dive in information on how to installs aluminium composite panels in Sydney and nearby areas? Experienced specialists give recommendations regarding aluminium composite panel installations. Please, read them through before deciding anything.

composite panel installation

Recommendations on aluminium composite panels in Sydney installation:

  • Inspect building: Before installation building inspection has become a necessary and mandatory element. Many aspects need to be checked. First of all, fire safety. The building needs to meet fire safety requirements, needs to be measured, and the surface needs to be strong enough to hold the skeleton for cladding.
  • Plan, model the renovation: Renovation could be easily realized with thorough planning and modeling. Before ordering any materials, any research leads to planning. And the completed plan saves a fortune. An extra 1-2 weeks spent on planning and modeling usually saves up to 6 months for construction and renovation. Eventually, it extends the cladding’s life. Professionals take into account such tiny details like how to deal with metals’ expansion during the heat, what materials to choose, how and where to create drainage channels, ventilation channels, windows curves, door curves, helping to avoid preliminary damage;
  • Prepare all instruments and equipment needed for aluminum composite panel installation: Make sure to prepare all instruments and equipment needed. The basic list includes a table for bending, a drill, a circular saw, a wall-saw, a band saw or a zigzag-saw, metal adhesives or double-sided heavy-duty tape, a roll bending machine, a commercial guillotine, metal screws, etc.
  • Install skeleton details first: An additional weather-resistant barrier material needs to be applied to the building. Usually, before installing aluminum composite panels in Sydney, the metal skeleton attaches to the building. It plays a double role. It holds weather-resistant material and will be used for attaching panels;
  • Install composite aluminium panel: Notice, the panels have a special protective coating. It has a direction. So, the panels need to be installed in the same direction. Otherwise, they will differ in color. Usually, the aluminium composite panel has a protective film on it with an arrow, that shows the direction of installation. So, after installing the first composite alluminium panel, all others need to be installed in the same direction. The space between panels needs to be the same and filling between them too.

Also, additional attention needs to be paid to the aluminium composite panel transportation and storage. They need to be delivered on pallets and could be stored horizontally by themselves or on pallets. Preferably to have a protective tissue on the composite aluminium panel to protect it from scratches or other damages. Extremely high and low temperatures restrict panels installation.

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