HOVER RACE in Manipal


HOVER RACE’ the hover boat racing event of TECH TATVA is going on at AB5 building . The organizers are elaborating more about the event through a power point presentation . The event consists of a Hover boat making exercise, where the competitors have to make a hover boat model using the equipments given by organizers. The first round is only for making the boat following by the second round which will be on 5th October. The 2nd round will be basically a race between the teams with their own built hover boats . The organizers are helping the competitors with all their experiences . They gave the competitors a reference model so that the competitors could get the idea of the boat. The competition will be based on a elimination round consists of 2 races where the contestants will be judging on the basis of their boat structure and improvisation they made . Basically it was a theory event where the organizers elaborated the theory part , the practical race will be on 5th October at 206 of AB5.

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