Gyms in Mangalore

A gym should be more than just a place to work out; it should be a place to belong. It is a principle that a gym should look and feel great, complete with upscale touches and a modern twist. It is a passion for being a customer-focused, service-driven organization. It is a mantra that fitness and wellness are more than an industry, but a way of life.

If you’re trying to decide between a fitness center workout or one you do at home, you may have wondered what purpose all that gym equipment has, and what you really need in order to complete an effective workout. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends adults fewer than 65 receive at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on most days of the week, plus strength-building exercise twice a week on non-consecutive days. Gym equipment that allows to build strength can be used and get cardiovascular exercise. Add stretching to the end of workout and incorporate the full complement of gym equipment uses into your gym routine.

Cardiovascular Health

Treadmills, stair steppers, elliptical trainers and bikes all provide with an outlet for receiving cardiovascular exercise. When people exercise on a cardio machine at a moderate or vigorous intensity, they raise their heart rate and their breath rate to a level that increases blood flow and exercises their heart and lungs. Cardio increases body’s ability to deliver oxygen to tissues and also burns calories, helping to maintain or even lose weight. Choose a piece of equipment that you enjoy using and reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

Muscular Health

Muscular strength and endurance can be improved by using strength training equipment at a gym. Strength equipment comes in a variety of forms: machines, free weights, bands, medicine balls and much more. Improving strength can help to perform everyday tasks such as carrying groceries and yard work. Lifting weights also help in maintaining and building muscle and bone mass while improving balance. Because muscle burns more calories than fat mass, keeping the muscles strong can help you maintain weight. And as you age, strong bones stave off osteoporosis, while good balance prevents falls. Use your choice of strength equipment twice a week on non-consecutive days, aiming to hit all the major muscle groups.


Working flexibility helps in maintaining the full range of motion of joints. Being able to swing arms and legs, twist, bend and move ensures that one can perform basic tasks like turning their head to check mirrors while driving or picking up an item off the floor. Many gyms have equipment such as large stretching racks or specialty stretching benches specifically designed to help increase flexibility. The items such as mats, stability balls and yoga straps can help in stretching muscles.

List of gyms in Mangalore:

1 Gold’s Gym Z.K.Beauty Fitness Pvt.Ltd, Zubeida Kassam Chambers, Near Bunts Hostel, Karangalpady, Mangalore – 575003 Phone : 08244253939
2 Physique Hotel Blue Star Complex, Opposite Motimahal, Mangalore- 575001 Phone:  (0824) 2443886
3 Body Tone Multi Gym Majestic Commercial Complex, Opposite Medicare Centre, Kodialbail, Mangalore-575003‎ Phone: 093 41 758700
4 Zuese Fitness First Floor, Sudheendra plaza, Near P. V. S. Circle, Kodialbail, Mangalore – 03 Phone: 0824 4275775,
+91 9164573777
+91 9164473777
5 Stay Fit Gym Near Sanghaniketan, Mangalore Phone: 099 00 829804
6 Alvas Gym Nallapad Building, 3rd Floor, Mallikatta, Mangalore- 575003 Mobile:  9880849905
7 Body Basic  Near Suvarna Hotel, Shiva Bagh Road, Kadri, Mangalore- 575002 Phone:  (0824) 6451727
8 Six Cord Multi Gym Near King’s Hospital, Attavar Road, Attavar, Mangalore- 575002 Mobile:  9886971873
9 Sastry’s Health Club Mookambika Building, Near Bejai Bus Stand, Bejai, Mangalore- 575004 Phone:  (0824) 2211840
10 Talwalkars Fitness Fellowship Inland Avenue, 1st Floor, Near HDFC Bank, MG Road, Ballalbagh, Mangalore- 575003 Phone:  (0824) 4264555,
(0824) 4264444
11 RX The Life Style Modification Veenu Building, 2nd Floor, Gandhi Nagar, Opposite Devadiga Samaja Bhavan, Mannagudda, Mangalore- 575003 Phone:  (0824) 2457192
Mobile:  9448467181
12 Stayfit 33/34-G, Empire Mall,Near Vani Art Printers, MG Road, Mangalore- 575003 Phone:  (0824) 4253399,
(0824) 4254449
Mobile:  9900111925
13 Win Sports Shivaganesh Complex, Pump Well Circle, Opposite Omega Hospital, Mangalore- 575002 Phone:  (0824) 4265879
14 Dennis Sports Mangalore GPO,Mangalore Phone:  (0824) 2454666
15 Welcare Fitness Centre 3, Abhiman Chambers, Ground Floor, Near Jyoti Talkies, Bunts Hostel, Mangalore- 575002 Phone:  (0824) 4265445
Mobile:  9980875445
16 Galaxy Fit N Sports Bharat Mall, 3rd Floor, Opposite KSTRC Bus Stand, Bijai, Mangalore- 575004 Mobile:  9845011818
17 V J Multi Gym i Nagori ,Red Building, Garodi, Mangalore Phone: +91-7259339500
18 Gym N Slim Health Club 12-1-83j D No, Church Road, Udupi, Mangalore -576101 Phone: 9964158238
19 Body Basics Shivabagh, Mangalore
20 Proline Fitness Shop No 11, IBROSE Commercial Complex, M G Road, Mangalore Phone: 2496388


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